Nbisiing Nishnaabemdaa

"Giishpin go kina nishnaabemong .... Ngoding go nishnaabemwin minwaa" Muriel Sawyer gii-kid.

"If we speak the language all the time... One day we will all speak Ojibwe again." Muriel Sawyer.

Please use tabs in the main heading to find a variety of Nbisiing Nishnaabemwin.

This site is made in collaboration with Nipissing First Nation Elders and First Language Speakers. We give thanks to the Elders and fluent speakers for holding onto the Nishnaabemwin language.

Primary Goals

  1. To create readily available resources to help the Nishnaabemwin revitalization efforts.
  2. To bring awareness and understanding of introductory Nishnaabemwin language.
  3. Document a variety of everyday language expressions.
  4. To have access to local Nishnaabemwin language.