Community Connection Celebration


This website is designed to allow you to enjoy the presentation from the Project Community class at Northbridge Middle School. Please use the links below to access the student projects. Each student has designed their own icon. Each student has the icon displayed with their project. Click on the icon to follow along with their presentations.

Anything is Popscicle

Those who immigrated to Northbridge needed a place to stay. The Whitin family provided homes to the workers

Dental X-ray Display

This explains the different parts of a dental x-ray, showing the different parts and how it connects to Northbridge.

Winning is a Habit, Success is a choice

How Northbridge sports became a big influence in our town.

Immunization for Influenza

How the flu affected people in the 1900s and how it affects us now.

Women in the Mills during WWII

Women worked in Whitin Machine Works before WWII, but when the men began to fight in the war, the women filled the spots they left behind.

At last, the Secret to the Frisians Revealed

The Frisians were one of the first immigrants of Whitinsville. They contribute to our culture and work and helped us grow this town into what it is.

Bizzare Medical Treatments

There were many crazy, interesting and straight insane medical treaments in the early 20th century.

The Innovation of Dental Care

Dental history throughout the 20th century

History of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis treatments, symptoms, and myths.

The Transformation of Whitinsville

The changes to Whitinsville over 200 years and those causes.

How Native Americans are Important to Northbridge

Native Americans were expert fishermen, hunters, weavers, and farmers.

The Northbridge Sports Hub

The recent history of Northbridge Sports

Awesome Agriculture: a Virtual Experience

In earlier times, agriculture was one of the most important industries in Nrothbridge, until the creation of the mills.

Understanding the Northbridge Police Department

The inner workings of the NPD and a fictional case study

Woodlawn Fire

Josiah Lassel's house caught on fire as he was leaving for a trip. The house was rebuilt behind the original site.

Important Facts and Figures in Northbridge History

The Lives and Deaths of People in Northbridge

The Evolution of Weapons for our Soldiers

How weaponry helped to protect soldier form Northbridge