Rick Tamlyn, Business Owner & Austhor, "Play Your Bigger Game”

Every once in awhile we are blessed in life to come across amazing support, wisdom and brilliance that “changes the game” for us and our business. Dale Sinesi and Amanda Wright of NP Launch™ were just that for us this year (2017). Their 3-tiered model of Vision, Mission and Sustainability put our business on track this year towards incredible exponential growth – personally, professionally and financially. What I know as a business owner is that confusion is the enemy of growth. Their talent and ability to coach us to deep and profound clarity is their sweet spot. If you or your organization needs direction or a course correction, run, don’t walk to work with Dale and Amanda at NP Launch™.

First Church Natick, UCC


Victoria Guest, Pastor

“[Through working together, I learned] to mobilize resources available - constructing policies and encouraging the players to see themselves as change agents in the system. To identify vision, mission and goals and find convergence for those goals within the organization.”

“[What has been most important about the process is that] I show up differently. It has made me much more effective as a leader.”

“The experience [working together] was transformative for our organization. We are stronger, more intentional and directed, more functional and much happier!”

Lori Earl, Executive Director

“NP Launch™ has been so helpful in walking us through the very difficult process of refining and reshaping our mission and vision. They never rushed the process, have been extremely encouraging and supportive, and have helped our nonprofit regain the sense of passion we felt when we began our organization."

"I would definitely encourage a nonprofit organization looking for a [coaching/mentoring team] to consider NP Launch™. The fact that they are a smaller company allows them to be flexible and offer a very personal, hands-on service. Both Dale and Amanda have been attentive, adaptive to our needs, and yet given us that encouraging, steady push towards progress in meeting the goals we set together in the beginning."

(617) 433-8675