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Mrs. Ward, Librarian (wardm@npenn.org)


We wish you and your child much shared enjoyment reading our library books. Thank you for your help with encouraging your child to be a responsible library patron.

Question: How many books can my child check out?

  • Kindergarten and First Grade: 1 book at a time

  • Second and Third Grade: 2 books at a time

  • Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade: 3 books at a time

Question: What kind of books may my child select?

  • We encourage students to select books that speak to his/her own curiosities and interests. Free choice of reading materials is an integral part of our program. We encourage all children to try to select one book they can read on their own (even if they "read" using the pictures) and the others may be books that need to be read to them.

  • We do our best to individually help each student choose at least 1 independent book for their age and reading level. Please help us in this task by talking to your child about their selection choices and let us know if any issues arise. Unfortunately, due to the large amount of children we help each day, we cannot require/manage every book choice so your involvement in your child's reading materials is important as well.

Question: What if a book gets damaged or lost?

  • Accidents happen. Please contact the library if one of our books gets damaged or needs some kind of repair. Please do not try to repair them at home. Mrs. Danowski and I are book doctors and will ensure books are well taken care of in our book hospital at school. If a book is lost or severely damaged, we will charge the cost to replace the book. A notice with the price of the book will be sent home. You can send cash or check in an envelope with your child when paying for a lost book. All checks need to be made out to York Avenue Elementary Library. *If the book is found, payment will be reimbursed (for check reimbursement please contact ESC).

Question: Do you have a “Celebrate with Books” program?

  • Yes! This program encourages individuals to purchase new books and then donate them to our school library in honor of someone. A book plate is placed in the front of the book indicating the individual who is being honored, and from whom the donation was made.

  • Books can be donated anytime. They make perfect holiday, birthday, or end-of-year gifts. It's a terrific way to say “thanks” to a special teacher, celebrate a child’s birthday, or remember a loved one.

  • Anyone can donate books. Purchase a new book (you can ask your child to help with the decision - if they love the book, I'm sure other students will, as well! or ask the librarian for ideas) Our only suggestion is that it be a hardcover book (with the wear-and-tear, they just last longer).

Question: Are there other libraries in our area?