General Nash


Welcome to the General Nash Library!

Mrs. White, Librarian

Mrs. Deininger, Library Processor

Library book checkout procedures for students:

For all-virtual students:

To request library books, students need to log into their library accounts and put books on hold. Emails will then be sent to students' district accounts when the items are ready. To arrange a day and time to pick up and/or return the books, please email Mrs. Deininger, the Nash library processor, at

How to access the Destiny library system:

How students can log into their accounts in the Destiny library system:

How students can place up to two books on hold:

How students in grades K - 2 can easily put books on hold:

For hybrid students:

Near each students’ homeroom is a box students can use to return library books.

Students will use the same procedures as all-virtual students to place items on hold, as shown in the video links above.

Mrs. Deininger will deliver library books to each student’s classroom, in a bag marked with the student’s name.

For hybrid students who currently have library class as a special:

On Fridays, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students in my current library classes will be able to check out books as part of library class. I will bring a small selection of books to their classrooms from which they can choose.

Students in older grades who currently have library class as a special will also have opportunities to put books on hold during library class.

**If you have any questions, please email Mrs. White at . I am always glad to help with recommending books and with placing books on hold. We have so many wonderful books in the Nash Library for students to enjoy! Please let me know what I can do to help students find a perfect book for them!