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Chromebook and Infinite Campus Portal Family Tech Support

**Starting in the August of 2018, Chromebook Students ~ All Chromebooks will come with a case. The cases MUST stay on in order for the Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) warranty to cover the device. The new model is Acer C751T. Please note this model uses a different charger (USB C).

Note: PYAP Students do NOT need to pay the ADP Fee.

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For students who received Chromebooks prior to the 18-19 school year, cases are recommended for carrying and protecting the Chromebook.

Case Options for AcerC738T:

Chromebook Accidental Protection Warranty

We would like all students to use these devices not only at school but also at home. Therefore, we will be charging an insurance fee of $30/year to cover the warranty (special pricing typically offered for the following year from mid-April to September 30 is $26).

Accidental Damage Protection Specifics Include:

- Yearly accidental damage protection

- Battery replacement each year, if needed

- One complete replacement of the device within the life of the warranty

- Two claims per year on parts. Most damage claims cost approximately $175 on average. You will be billed for the cost of repair if your child turns his/her Chromebook in for a third damage claim within the same school year.

- Accidents may include drops, falls and/or other collisions. The warranty does not include theft or intentional damage.

Sample Parent Letter for Elementary Students about North Penn Desktop

What is a Chromebook?

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