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For students who received Chromebooks prior to the 18-19 school year, cases are recommended for carrying and protecting the Chromebook.

Case Options for AcerC738T:

Chromebook Accidental Protection Warranty

Note: PYAP Students do NOT need to pay the ADP Fee.

All students may use their chromebooks not only at school but also at home. NPSD requests the annual payment of the Technology Fee in order to protect your student against costly repairs. On average, an accidentally damaged chromebook could cost about $170 to repair. This year, the Technology Fee is only $25 per student before school starts. Once school starts, the fee increases to $35 per student.

Accidental Damage Protection Specifics Include:

- Yearly accidental damage protection

- Battery replacement each year, if needed

- Accidents may include drops, falls and/or other collisions. The warranty does not include chromebooks that are lost, stolen or intentionally damaged.

Sample Parent Letter for Elementary Students about North Penn Desktop

What is a Chromebook?

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