successful software products ...

... require successful product ownership

what i do

  • Product Ownership

  • Product Delivery

  • Project Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Continuous Improvement

my results

  • Financial Services Company: Process and Product alignment vastly mitigating extreme exposure to SLA violations while improving and automating processes.

  • Software Company: Reduced time-to-delivery on its application from over a year to 3 months.

  • Telecom Company: Improved delivery reliability and quality of new features by nearly 100% and reduced ideation to delivery from 4 months to 6-8 weeks

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where i've consulted

  • Telecom

  • Software

  • Financial Services

  • Travel and Tourism

  • National Chain Retail

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here's where and what

Charter Communications
  • Business Process and Functional Analysis & Design for Ceon provisioning and activation of Voice Over IP (VoIP) and DOCSIS-based High Speed Data services.

Comcast Communications
  • Agile Coach and Scrum Master for X1 Customer Care tools group
  • Product Owner for national small and medium sized business sales and order management tool
  • Business Process Implementation for National Testing and Quality Assurance Labs

David’s Bridal
  • Agile Coach and Scrum Master for Information Technology

  • Systems integration and delivery & deployment methodology for the AcuRisk risk management system in the US and Europe.

FiServ Investment Support Services
  • Product Owner for Orysp DollarUniverse Workflow Automation of 7x24, high-availability trade order and fund management systems.

Mountain States Employers Council
  • Business Process Analysis and Design for a customer-centric compensation and benefits survey process.

TD Ameritrade
  • Product Owner for Fund Account Level Reconciliation and following Agile/Scrum development project

Telesat Canada
  • Business Process and Functional Analysis & Design of a complete OSS/BSS for DOCSIS over satellite and DVB-RCS systems.

  • Business Process and Functional Analysis & Design for a Device Provisioning and Management System using DOCSIS over satellite.

WildBlue Communications
  • OSS/BSS solution analysis & design and presentation of alternatives to prospective investors including Liberty Media and NRTC.

what my colleagues say

“David and I worked together ... for a large technology initiative. I was impressed with David's ability to masterfully facilitate discussions to ensure that small details were tied to our larger strategic themes without missing a beat. David was also able to build a culture where all felt valued and willing to provide honest and valuable feedback. - - Tracy DiPallo, Executive Director, Comcast

“David is truly a leader when it comes to work in the area of process strategy and management consulting. He made an immediate, positive impact upon starting [a project with one of our clients], working on a complex program with tight timetables. David has shown great leadership and a collaborative communication style that has been very effective in hitting his deliverables and gaining the clients trust. David's personal commitment and professionalism have been key contributors to the success of this project.”

- Craig Venable, Vice President, Shentel

"I found David to be excellent facilitator and a dynamic leader. He has a natural ability to bind a team and empowers others to be successful. He is a strong partner, having built strong relationships across complex and diverse organizations. "Customer" is at the heart of his approach.

- Neil Gardner, Customer Experience Consultant EY Consulting

David is one of the best resources I have ever managed, always had the big picture hat on, strong business sense coupled with an acute technical understanding of information systems space. David is always on my short list of people to call to join my future team. He was a pleasure to work with and was well respected by the entire executive team.”

- David Bukovinsky, CX Strategist, CSG International

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my background

  • Over 25 years working in information technology for telecom, software, financial services, travel and tourism and chain retail clients and companies

  • Certified Scrum Product Owner

  • Certified Scrum Master

  • Certified Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) Practitioner

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my resume

EXAMPLES OF MY VALUEResults I accomplished at several clients:
  • At a start-up software company, I helped develop a professional services organization that the was able to reduce time-to-delivery on its core software application from over a year to about 90 days
  • At Big Data software company, I created a stable, reliable and predictable foundation with two teams where delivery increased by 15-20% over 6 months
  • At an investment support company, as Product Owner, I aligned goals and processes and funneled them into user stories and a backlog that allowed the company and Agile teams to achieve customer mandated transparency within 6 months, several months ahead of the mandate
  • At telecom company, I lead four teams and increased productivity/velocity by almost 50%, commitment reliability from around 65% to 100% and increased code coverage from around 75% to near 90% over six months
  • At a financial support services firm, I discovered nearly 6 hours of workflow savings every day that reduced risk exposure to SLA violations by several million dollars and improved customer account reconciliation
  • At a human resources support organization, I facilitated workshops with members and employees that lead to reduced the age of survey date from 6 months to 1 month and prevented the organization from purchasing a COTS application that would not have served the its needs, saving them, potentially, hundred of thousands of dollars

Telecommunications Industry
  • Lead 4 scrum teams producing software to support various products and operations teams – increased performance/velocity by 50%, commitment reliability to 100% and code coverage by 15%
  • Facilitated department vision for process, business use cases and system use cases for major cable company
  • Guided trial of an Agile based approach to functional and technical analysis and design for cross-ordering products and services between Lines of Business leading to tightest coupling of functional and technical designs for the commercial development teams
  • Streamlined product & backlog ownership and release planning & management processes into a single, agile and scrum-based backlog management process across multiple applications – allowing executives to focus on longer term strategic visions rather than shorter term tactical management of application development
  • Implemented UML-based analysis and design for business and systems requirements along with user stories to support agile/scrum development
  • Implemented work process to support a national testing and quality assurance organization for a major cable company
  • Developed business processes and requirements for fulfillment, assurance and billing for major Canadian satellite communications company
  • Assisted major Canadian satellite communications company in the selection of operations support systems (OSS)
  • Established best practices in functional architecture and process improvement for supporting new Voice over IP (VoIP) products and services as well as mobile device and IVR on-site solutions delivery for major cable company

Financial Services Industry
  • Developed new process to handle fund level account reconciliation for investment trading company
  • Built up product backlog and served as product owner to support development of fund level account reconciliation application
  • Performed Current State Business Process Analysis for the daily processing of trading transactions for investment support services company
  • Discovered redundant and outmoded processes saving the investment support service company nearly 7 hours a day in transaction processing and avoiding several millions of dollars per day in potential risk
  • Provided functional architecture, analysis and design to automate (using Orsyp’s DollarUniverse system) over 100 daily manual processes to various trading, pricing, dividend, accounting and portfolio systems for investment support services company

Chain Retail Industry
  • Developed Agile Steering Committee and strategies to improve agility
  • Lead several agile teams responsible for enterprise systems and e-commerce
  • Coached Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Developers in Scrum

Human Resource Management Industry
  • Facilitated customer sessions for a Colorado employer council’s statewide compensation and benefits survey program to determine what customer expect from the program as both participants in the council’s yearly surveys and as users of the survey data
  • Performed Current State and Future State Business Process Analysis and Design for council’s statewide survey program
  • Developed business requirements for a new survey system for the employers council that will allow the council to meet customer expectations

Utilities Industry
  • Performed Continuous Improvement for Utility software company’s product implementation processes
  • Reduced time to delivery by 30% by introducing new CMM compliant, process and template based professional services methods and procedures for energy industry software company

Software Industry
  • Transformed $3 million “Big Data” search & recommendations (S&R) program around agile and scrum methods
  • Improved velocity of scrum teams by 20-30% to help return the S&R program to a manageable delivery schedule
  • Established processes and agreements to help protect the two teams and their backlog work from interruption and risk from outside sources
  • Provided agile coaching to scrum teams, product owners and program management leaders
  • Performed Continuous Improvement of accounts payable and expense reporting processes at an international software company
  • Reduced time to prepare payment by nearly 20% and prepared for automated A/P and expense reporting tools

Travel Industry
  • Performed Current State and Future State Business Process Analysis and Design for national travel company looking to improve the delivery of online leisure travel services to customers
  • Developed business requirements for a new interactive, customer-goal based system to allow customers to plan, book and fulfill travel based upon a travel experience rather than by specific product
  • Agile Certified Scrum Master
  • Agile/Scrum Certified Product Owner
  • Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) Certified
  • Member, Agile Alliance
  • Lean Enterprise Institute Leadership Workshops, 12/2012 – Doing the Right Things & Problem Solving to align Purpose, Process and People

  • Unified Modeling Language Version 2.0 functional artifacts (10 years) (use cases, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams)
  • Agile Software Development Process (1 year – current)
  • BPGroup Customer Expectation Management Modeling and Business Process Management Framework
  • OmniGraffle (5 years – Current)
  • ConceptDraw (5 years – current)
  • Visio (10 years – current)
  • MS Office (15 years – current)
  • MS Project (10 years – current)

EDUCATIONGonzaga UniversityJuris Doctor (Law Degree)Spokane, WA, 1995
Thunderbird School of Global ManagementMaster of International ManagementGlendale, AZ, 1987
Drake UniversityBachelor of Arts in Journalism & Bachelor of Arts in EnglishDes Moines, IA, 1986

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One needs to keep busy even during a quarantine. When I was young my mother, an artist herself, taught me to draw. And draw is what I have been doing. You can see my portfolio of drawings at . I hope you enjoy them.