Welcome to Second Grade!

June 7, 2019

Dear Second Grade Families,

From Ms. Tousignant: Summer Math and Summer Reading Challenges for Rising K-5 Students! Summer is almost here – a time for our kids to have a break from school and spend more time with family and friends. Studies show the summer is when our students are at risk to lose some of the academic skills they learned during the school year. To that end, we are pleased to introduce a Summer Math Challenge and a Summer Reading Challenge! Upon successful completion of each of these challenges, students will earn a non-uniform day (date to be determined) when school starts up again in the fall! Information was sent home with your scholar earlier this week.

Virtue of the Month: On Monday we had our final Virtue Assembly of the year to celebrate the virtue of Wisdom and all the Nova fifth graders. The second graders liked hearing some of the fifth graders share their memories of the Lower School and seeing photos of the fifth graders as kindergarteners. However, the highlight of the assembly was when second grade was announced to be the winners of the monthly Silent Hallway Challenge! The students have worked hard on their Temperance to earn this, so it was exciting to finally do so for the last month of school. Great job, second grade!

Science: The second graders did a terrific job on their Science test. I was impressed with how easy most students found it to correct the “false” sentences, which can be very tricky. I hope you continue to think about the weather and watch for storms over the summer!

Grammar: We reviewed diagramming and how to double-check your work to try to watch out for careless errors. It’s been fun to see students working to diagram sentences that haven’t been assigned to see if they can do it.

History: We briefly learned about three large civilizations that existed in Central and South America during the Middle Ages – the Aztecs, the Maya, and the Inca. We learned a few facts about each civilization and saw examples of their cities, temples, and art. We also learned about the end of each civilization. The Aztec and Incan civilizations were eventually destroyed by the Spanish. Ask your second grader to tell you what happened to the Maya.

Read Aloud: Unfortunately, we didn’t finish The Canterbury Tales retold by Geraldine McCaughrean. We did get through seven tales: the Knight’s tale about Palamon and Arcite, the Miller’s tale about a carpenter named Oswald whose wife played a practical joke on him, the Priest’s tale about a rooster named Chanticleer and the Beast of the Firebrand Tale, the Reeve’s tale about a milled named Matt who was tricked by two students when he tried to cheat them out of their flour, the Scholar’s tale about patient Griselda who never argued with her husband, and the Widow’s tale about Sir Salvio figuring out what women most desire. (It’s the same thing everyone wants – their own way in everything.) We also heard the start of Chaucer’s poem about Sir Topas, but it was so awful, the other pilgrims wouldn’t let him tell all of it. Although we didn’t finish to hear the pilgrim’s choice about the winner of the story-telling contest, you could ask your second grader which tale he or she liked best.

Other Notes:

· THANK YOU for an amazing year. The second graders have learned so much and done so much this year and it wouldn’t happen without your hard work and support. I have really enjoyed getting to know your children!

· If you are missing any belongings, everything has been taken to the Lost and Found at the end of the Music Hallway. The building will be open next week if you want to stop by and check for things.

· Don’t forget to read a lot during the summer! I’d love to hear about any great new books you discover.

- Ms. Lund