Welcome to Second Grade!

More information will be coming shortly.

September 6, 2020

Dear Second Grade Families,

The second grade team is excited to see that many parents have accepted the guardian view to Google Classroom where you can check on your child’s grades and get weekly summaries if you so choose. If you haven’t done so yet or if you’re running into problems, try https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/6388136?hl=en. Please continue to help your second grader check for comments and feedback on their returned assignments.

For the students to find out if they have missing work or things to fix, they should go to their Classwork tab and click on “View Your Work”

You’ll see a list of all assignments. If they say “Missing”, even if you turned it in, it means there is fixing to do. You should also look for comments; that is how the teachers give feedback on what needs to be fixed or let students know what they’ve done well.

If you click on an assignment, it will open up and you can see the assignment as well as any comments the teacher left.

Then you can fix (or finish) the work and resubmit it. Sometimes, the corrections can be easily shared in a comment instead of resubmitting the assignment. Mrs. Shultz made a video that shows these directions to students. I’ll share it as an optional part of Wednesday’s Attendance Question, but you could also watch it ahead of time at How to Check for Missing Work .

Week 3: We’ll be going ahead full steam for Week 3! The required things won’t change: Attendance Question, Writing, Math, and Reading. But along with the Enrichment lessons for Oration and Read Aloud, we’re starting History (Mondays and Fridays) and Science (Tuesdays and Thursdays). See below for more information about these subjects!

Reading Classes will have a Zoom meeting this week. For most classes it will be at 9:30 am on Tuesday. Check your Reading class to make sure.

Please remind your second grader to do the daily attendance question EVERY day including Wednesdays. It’s important that this is a priority so we can record accurate attendance during Distance Learning. Remember that we’re asking students to answer the quick question by 4:00 pm each school day.

Daily Checklist (M, Tu, Th, F):

o Read Announcements (Homeroom Google Classroom, under “Stream”)

o Answer Attendance Question (Homeroom Google Classroom, under “Classwork”)

o Do Writing Assignment (Homeroom Google Classroom)

o Do Math Assignment (Math Google Classroom)

o Do Reading Assignment (Reading Google Classroom)

o Check to-do list in Google Classroom for work to complete or fix

Wednesday Checklist:

  • Answer Attendance Question

  • Explore Specialists Google Classroom

  • Complete Missing Assignments

  • Fix Mistakes on Assignments Returned (with no grade)

  • *Remember today might be your day to check in with your teacher.

Writing: Students have been doing a terrific job with their handwriting so far! It’s easy to see that they’re taking their time, holding their paper, and really trying to form beautiful letters. Please encourage your second grader to keep watching those bottom base lines – the most common mistake has been letters that are above or below it instead of just touching it.

Note about Grading: For handwriting, students get 5 points for ALL letters being very neat (Mastery), 4 points for MOST letters being very neat (right on Target), and 3 points for SOME letters being neat (Satisfactory/Emergent). The goal is to get 4 or 5 points. If your teachers want you to fix your work and try again, they will tell you. If I don't ask you to fix your work, but you want to anyway, feel free! You can always fix your work and resubmit it for more points. This is true with Math and Reading as well.

History: We’ll our first history unit by learning about the fall (end) of the Roman Empire. Students will learn that the Roman Empire had grown too large to be protected from the many groups of people that were attacking. They’ll find out what Emperor Diocletian did to try to save the Roman Empire, what that has to do with the Byzantine Empire, and if Diocletian was successful. There will also be the directions for a game (Romans versus Barbarians) including with the lesson in case your whole family would like to try conquering the Roman Empire!

Science: Before we start our first lessons on our Simple Machines unit, we’ll begin by learning about the six steps of the Scientific Method. While we’ve modified them slightly to be easier for second graders, we’ll use these steps all year long with the many experiments we’ll do. We hope that if families try other experiments at home that you’ll encourage your second grader to keep thinking like a scientist and try to follow these six steps every time!

1. Ask a Question

2. Background Knowledge (or do research; in 2nd grade we’ll think about what we already know about a topic)

3. Hypothesis (make your best guess)

4. Experiment (do it more than once if you can!)

5. Analyze Data (think about what happened during the experiment)

6. Share Data (or in 2nd grade, think about how you can use what you’ve learned)

Read Aloud and Oration: In The City of Ember, we’re figuring out more of the things Ember doesn’t have or that it might be running out of. It doesn’t have a sun or moon. It doesn’t seem to have cars or even bikes since Lina has to run everywhere for her messenger job. If your second grader has been listening to the Read Aloud chapters, ask him or her to tell you some other things that Ember doesn’t have. (If they’re stuck, remind them that if Lina has to deliver messages for people, they also don’t have phones, computers, etc.)

The second graders have copied some lines from our Oration poem, “Persevere”, as a part of their handwriting practice and I’ve heard from a few students that they’ve been trying to say it a couple of times at home as well. Keep up that excellent work!

Virtue of the Month: Our virtue of the month for September is Fortitude and we’ll have a mini lesson this week on ways to keep using Fortitude while we’re doing school at home. Students will be encouraged to share some of their own ideas with their teachers and classmates as well!

Wednesday Check-In Meetings: I really enjoyed meeting with several students this past Wednesday and I’m looking forward to checking in with everyone else this coming week. I posted a reminder each Wednesday in the Stream of Google Classroom for the students that should check in with me that day and I’ll continue to do that moving forward. You can also double-check the schedule under the "Thinks You Need to Know" tab of our Google Homeroom. If you’d like to change your child’s time, please let me know which open spot you’d like. If your child would like to meet with a group instead of alone, let me know that as well and I’ll do what I can to have that happen.

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!

- Ms. Lund