Third Grade with Mr. Long



1. Our first History quiz is this Wednesday, September 18! The quiz on explorers for Portugal, Spain, and England! This first quiz often sneaks up on the scholars -- studying is a must! The study guide was sent home last week, but it is also posted on the Study Guides tab at the top of this page.

2. Mark Friday, October 4, on your calendar! It is going to be an exciting day for your third grade scholar! We will have a 9:00 visit from the Raptor Center! The hour long presentation, which is a hit each year, centers on a visit from 4 or 5 raptors and our chance to learn about these birds (one of the classes of vertebrates we learned about this past week!).

3. Picture Day is coming on Tuesday, September 17! Forms can be brought in or completed on-line. Check the flyer for details!

4. We have PE on A days. Tuesday and Friday are A days this week!

5. We are going to the Minnesota Zoo on Wednesday, October 16, as a fun way to wrap up our science study on Animal Habitats. Permission slips were sent home and are due back by October 7!

Classroom Happenings :

Spelling: Please be sure your child is studying the new spelling words from the day's lesson, as well as the four words from the day prior to that. He/She needs to also review the phonogram cards regularly at home. Each day's test will be on the previous day's four words, three words from the day prior to that, three phonograms (usually multiple-letter phonograms tied to the spelling words), and one optional bonus word. Words are posted on the "Spelling Words" tab of this website.

Oratory: Be sure your scholar is practicing our first poem of the year, "There was an Old Person Whose Habits". The poem can be found on the Poetry Memory Work tab at the top of this page. Students will be expected to recite this memorized poem by the end of September. The sign up sheet will be posted in the classroom this week for students to sign up when they feel ready to recite!

Writing: Students have written their first two or three entries telling true narrative stories. We will work on another three entries this week, focusing on two main objectives: a)story telling instead of news reporting, and b)adding characters talking in the narratives. Both of these objectives are tricky and will be on-going throughout our study.

Grammar: We will spend some time this week reviewing plural nouns and singular nouns, as well proper nouns and common nouns. If all goes well, we will end the week with a grammar quiz to check on understanding.

Science: This week in science has us looking at some photos of various animals in four specific habitats -- rainforest, wetlands, continental margin, and ocean -- and the make-up of those habitats. Ask your child this week if he/she can tell you: a)the difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate, and b)the five classes of vertebrates!

History: We will spend time on Monday with explorers for England and hopefully get to review a bit related to explorers for Spain and for Portugal. There is a quiz on Wednesday over the explorers we have studied to this point. A study guide was sent home, but is also available on the Study Guides tab at the top of this page.

Cursive: We practiced cursive Aa and Dd this past week, with the worksheet due on Wednesday, September 18. On Friday, September 20, we will learn the next pair of letters -- Gg and Qq. Remember: cursive is taught on Fridays, with the worksheet of practice due the following Wednesday.


Mr. Long