To schedule your next volunteer shift between 10:30am and 4pm, Monday through Friday, please call 240-403-7415 or email volunteer@nourishnow.org.



1111 & 1113 Taft Street, Rockville, MD 20850

  • From Taft Street, our building displays the address range 1101-1143. You will not see Nourish Now or unit 1111 until you are in the parking lot. Look for the blue Nourish Now sign above our doors. Enter through 1113 (directly next to 1111).
  • Please park in a spot that is not labeled reserved. DO NOT PARK in any of the first 3 spots on the right side of the lot. Additional parking is available on the opposite side of our building, and along Taft Street.

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How You Can Help:

  1. Nourish Now Headquarters
    • Schedule a time to learn hands-on how the food recovery work that we do everyday benefits youth, the elderly, families, shelters, social services, and other food assistance organizations in our communities.
    • Coordinate a group project to promote social responsibility and team-building. School groups, sports teams, youth camps, foundations, civic organizations, local businesses, food donors and nonprofit partners are encouraged to reach out to organize these special volunteer projects as soon as possible.
  2. Fresh Food Donations
    • Assist with a food recovery by volunteering to pick up donations from one of our Food Donor Partners and deliver it to Nourish Now Headquarters.
    • At the end of the day or after your next catered event, call Nourish Now to donate what is left. Learn more about how to Give Food for those in need.
    • We also accept beverages, baked goods, frozen food and unprepared items such as meat, eggs, cheese, grains, condiments, spices, etc.
    • Commit to donating a specific prepared dish on a schedule that works for you.
  3. Canned Food Drives
    • Collect healthy snacks and other non-perishable items to supplement our food recovery.
    • Encouraging members of your place of work, worship or recreation to donate their favorite canned and dry goods, or holiday themed items can be a great way to do a good deed for the community at your own pace.
  4. Fundraisers
    • Set a goal and raise money to donate in support of Nourish Now's programs.
    • Sponsor our Anniversary Fundraising Gala in June, or our Thanksgiving projects to serve 5,000 neighbors in need each November.
  5. Tell your friends in-person and online
    • About the awesome things going on at Nourish Now!
    • About ending hunger through food recovery in your community!
    • About minimizing food waste in your own life and in the world!
    • About the role volunteers and local businesses play in changing the game for nonprofits!
    • Spread the word!

To Get Started call 301-330-0222

or email volunteer@nourishnow.org.