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Heartsick: Reviving the Spirit of Blue Ridge Rock Festival

(Sept. 7th-10th)

In a stunning display of dedication and unwavering commitment to their fans, the band Heartsick, accompanied by special guests Fight From Within, I Set My Friends On Fire, and Scars Remain, saved the day when the coordinators of Blue Ridge Rock Festival found themselves in a state of disarray. With the festival suffering from overselling, poor preparation, and a lack of contingency plans, the guests were left disappointed. However, Heartsick's extraordinary act of performing in the campground brought joy and revitalized the spirits of attendees who were left stranded and disheartened. Blue Ridge Rock Festival had promised an unforgettable experience to its guests. Unfortunately, due to a series of organizational missteps, including overselling tickets, insufficient preparations, and failure to establish emergency protocols, the festival soon spiraled into chaos. The disappointed attendees were left without proper guidance or alternative arrangements, but the arrival of Heartsick changed everything.

Recognizing the heartbreak and frustration of the festival-goers, the band Heartsick stepped up to salvage the situation; springing into action and orchestrating an impromptu performance in the campground for the stranded fans. Heartsick's incredible gesture not only showcased their genuine concern for their fans but also illustrated the true spirit of unity and resilience that make the rock community so unique. Once again, Indie Wins! Soon joined by Fight From Within, I Set My Friends On Fire, and Scars Remain; Heartsick took to the campground stage, ensuring that the disappointed festival attendees could experience the energy and exhilaration they had been promised. The collective effort from these bands brought the electrifying atmosphere back to the campgrounds, erasing the shadow of disappointment cast by the festival's cancellation.


Heartsick, along with their special guests, breathed life back into the heartbroken festival crowd. Their unwavering commitment to their fans stands to remind everyone of the profound connection between artists and their supporters. In the face of disaster at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival, Heartsick emerged as true champions. By organizing an impromptu performance in the campground, they resurrected the spirit of the festival and brought solace to the displaced attendees. This extraordinary act of selflessness and devotion exemplifies the incredible bond between musicians and their fans. Heartsick, Fight From Within, I Set My Friends On Fire, and Scars Remain showcased the power of unity, reminding us all that in times of adversity, the indomitable spirit of music can triumph over chaos and disappointment.

Photographs and Article by:

J.C. Dawn

Nonpoint @ The Peoria Civic Center (Aug. 9, 2023)

Nonpoint delivered an electrifying performance at the Peoria Civic Center on Aug. 09, 2023 as part of The Psychotherapy Sessions Tour, sharing the stage with incredible acts like Butcher Babies, Gwar, Coal Chamber, and Mudvayne!  From the moment they hit the stage, Nonpoint radiated energy and passion, captivating the audience with a seamless blend of new tracks like "Ruthless" and "A Million Watts," along with timeless classics like "What A Day" and "Bullet With A Name."

Amidst a lineup of heavy-hitting bands, Nonpoint's unwavering consistency showcased their mastery of their unique sound that is a blend of hip hop, r&b, rock, and metal. It was a night of pure intensity and undeniable talent, solidifying Nonpoint's status as rocking royalty within the rock and metal community.  Not Yur Mom Ent. can’t wait for the next time we get to see them, perhaps the Taste Of Madison, which is coming up on September 2nd, 2023!

Thank you to our photographer for the evening: 

Ashumz Loozerface 

Loozerface Photography

-J.C. Dawn

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