Meet The NYM CREW!



Gemini is a take no bullshit content creator who is unapologetically herself. Gemini grew up in a family that encouraged artistic expression through music and dance and as she has continued to progress through life she believes music to be an important safe haven for those who have faced traumas and struggles of their own. 

Gemini is an assault survivor who found her strength, community, and courage to be herself once again through music and hopes to encourage others to do the same. She has always questioned the “norms” of society, especially when it comes to being a woman and a mother and looks to female music icons in rock such as Lizzie Hale and Amy Lee as examples what empowered women look like in a male dominated industry.  



J.C. Dawn, a musician with over 20 years of experience, embarked on his radio journey in January 2021, and is now one of the owners of Not Yur Mom Entertainment!

Known for his fun, wild, outspoken, and occasionally crazy nature, he brings a unique energy to the entertainment scene. This combination of talent and personality has propelled him to become the owner and CEO of Not Yur Mom Entertainment.

With a passion for music and a flair for the eccentric, J.C. Dawn continues to make his mark in the industry with his infectious enthusiasm and distinct vision.



Kage's interest in music started from a very young age, picking up skills in first the drums, then guitar and bass. In 2021 his interest in extreme vocals began and his family encouraged him to learn how to properly explore this new skill.  Fast Forward to 2023 and he's performing with Motionless in White! 

Eager to soar, this young rising star comes to NYM as a face of the upcoming generations and the amazing things they're capable of creating if we lay the right foundations for their creativity.



Ryan is a multi-talented individual with a diverse background. With 10 years in the music industry and 8 years serving as a Navy Seabees heavy equipment operator and instructor, he's mastered various skills. Ryan's vocal prowess earned him recognition as a retired vocalist, leaving an indelible mark. Now, he's turned his focus to becoming an up-and-coming social media influencer, showcasing his charisma and passion to captivate audiences. With a unique blend of experiences, Ryan continues to make waves, leaving an impact wherever his talents take him. 



Mendax is half of the Not Yur Mom Entertainment Ownership and  our Station Manager!

This Southern-born music lover has traveled along the East-coast and back, experiencing a wide variety of music from various genres and ages. These tunes were the soundtrack to her travels and the backdrop for her passions in exploring the outdoors, creating art, and writing.

Her latest heart-project is what you see here: Not Yur Mom Entertainment! Here she delights in bringing new music (and some older, lesser known jams) to our listeners! 

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