Remote Learning-

1st 9 Weeks

Nottoway County Public Schools is devoted to providing you the most up to date information as it relates to our remote learning environment during the 1st nine weeks of school. To access additional pages and information, click the home link on the top right of the page. From there you can access informational items including technology items and assistance, meals and material routes, school information, announcements and school specific resources.

Currently, we do not have hot spots available for use. We have applied for grant funding to support hot spots. School parking lots are available for internet access, and local hot spots in the community. 3 cradle hot spot units are located in the community as well for connection.

**** Need Internet Accessibility, please click this link for accessibility!****

If you have specific questions, please contact your child's school or the Nottoway County School Board Office.

Office Hours for Teachers by School:

Teachers are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00 am until 4 pm, and on Wednesday from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm. Please note they maybe teaching or in meetings at specific times but will respond to your message or call. In order to find out the best method of communication for office hours, please reach out to the teacher via email (

Helpline for Attendance, Technology & Meals

**Please allow for at least 24 hours for a callback.***