NES Nature Club

Reconnecting children and their families to nature

Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2021

Ways to celebrate Earth Day:

  • 7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

  • Take a nature walk and admire the beauty around you

  • Make a pledge (to begin composting, to recycle more...whatever you choose) and plan out the steps on how to stick to it!

  • Use sidewalk chalk, make signs, a video, or other presentation to remind others how to be kind to the environment (throwing away trash, reduce/reuse/recycle, turning off lights, preserving habitats for bees, bats, and butterflies, etc) for your home or post for others to see. Educate others how they can help take action!

  • Plant trees, flowers, or vegetables.

  • Collect trash you find in parks and fields and along roadsides (with parent help, of course!)

  • Upcycle items into something new (old cans for plant pots, broken pottery into garden markers or decorations, new uses for old clothing, etc) Check out some of these FUN CRAFT IDEAS

77 Simple STEM Activities for Families: Nature Edition

Click on the photo to enlarge

Things To Do While on Break:

  • There are TONS of great activities to do at Nuhop's At-Home Outdoor Education

  • Take a tour of a National Park!

  • Start planning the family garden.

  • Go for a hike or a walk through the park.

  • Go birdwatching. (Click here to see a list of species with sounds!)

  • Make art with items found outside: leaves, sticks, rocks, flowers, etc.

  • Paint rocks to hide or give away.

  • Build a fort.

  • Go fishing, or looking for frogs, toads, and salamanders.

  • Look up at the nighttime sky. What stars and planets can you see? (Learn more on constellations)

  • Visit a farm- virtually! Click here


to all students and NES families that have volunteered to help keep our garden beautiful this summer! We appreciate your time and dedication!

"The more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need,"

- Richard Louv

Norwayne Elementary School Nature Club for 4th and 5th graders meets once a month after school until 5:00.

Dates for Spring 2020 are all Thursdays

Feb 20, March 26 (CANCELLED), April 23, May 21