Power of the Pen

Almost every school throughout the nation has a football team, a basketball team, and a wrestling team. Why not a writing team? Why not a season of interscholastic writing events? Why not a regional competition for the best young writers in Ohio? Why not a State Finals to measure and reward the art of written expression?

Best of Round Winners --

Their writing was published by Power of the Pen

Erin Welch, 2006 Katie Elias, 2014 Lance Larrison, 2015 Emma Jean Stanley, 2017

Abbie Arnold won first place out of 60 seventh graders at PenOhio writing competition at Wooster High School.

Carmen Schlatter was awarded first place in the 8th grade competition at the Dalton tournament on Feb. 28.

Riley Apel took second place in the 8th grade!

Paige Kempf and Mariah Hodge received honorable mention at the Dalton tournament. Paige's story was awarded "Best Historical Piece" and Mariah's was named "Best Metaphorical Piece."

2018 Norwayne Middle School Writing Team

Norwayne Middle School Power of the Pen Team

State Qualifiers

Madalyn Bauman, 2018

Abigail Arnold, 2018

Paige Kempf, 2018

Emma Jean Stanley, 2016

Lance Larrison, 2015

Katie Elias, 2014

Jenessa Bauman, 2013

Dallas Cutlip, 2013

Jo Desharnais, 2013

Megan Henszey, 2012

Stephanie Gowin, 2011

Sarah Tender,2010

Leah Hall, 2010

Sara Eader, 2010

Megan Besancon, 2009

Clint Gasser, 2009

Justina Fleming, 2008

Sarah McCrea, 2007

Erin Welch, 2006

Valerie Starkey, 2001

Kevin Wells, 1997

2017-18 Team

8th Grade - Mrs. Gerber, coach

Apel, Riley

Quintin Austin

Emler, Josie

Gortner, Andrea

Haskins, Lilie

Hassenzahl. Abigail

Henslee, Corinne

Hodge, Mariah

Howell, Kiley

Kempf, Paige

Magyar, Katy

Moore, Denham

Ruch, Arminta

Schlatter, Carmen

Wood, Lauren

7th Grade - Miss Zumack, coach

Arnold, Abbie

Bauman, Maddie

Eckfield, Makala

Hinton, Talya

Norr, Keanu

Stanley, Craig