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This site is owned and operated by the members of the West Rocks Student Tech Team

Student Tech Team Members:

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Kreiness - Digital Learning Coach

Mr. Garcia - IT Technician


Anthony De Leon Alvarado

Ethan Romero

Leon Card

Megan Russell

Mia Palacio Alzate

Odair Benitez Perdomo

Wilmer Valera Pena

Emad Bhuiyan

Geovanny Espinoza

Alexander Amann

Brody McHugh

Brooke McHugh

Cassidy Pickering

Ryan Walczuk

Want to Join the Student Tech Team?

Students are arguably the most important, and often under-appreciated, stakeholders in a school technology initiative. Involving students directly in the planning, execution, and day-to-day management of a technology program can help to ensure buy-in and support. Student tech teams not only help with resolving device issues, but they also provide an opportunity for students to take on leadership roles in the school, develop a STEM-based skillset, and collaborate in an innovative learning environment. All VILS schools create a student tech team at the beginning of the program, and school leaders commonly cite the team as an element critical to ongoing success of the initiative.

Top 3 Benefits of Joining the Student Tech Team:

#1 Student Leadership

Tech teams should be based on a foundation of student leadership and self-directed

learning. Implementing a student tech team creates a unique learning and leadership opportunity in a school.

#2 Technology Skill-Building

Developing technology skills is a natural result of student-directed learning. Many student tech team leaders report that giving students the freedom to explore and work hands-on with technology results in robust skill development.

#3 Service Time

Students who are also part of the WRMS chapter of the National Junior Honor Society are obligated to complete service hours. Participation on the Student Tech Team and time spent in meeting and completing hands-on activities can be used to fulfill this requirement. If you are apart of any team, club or organization that requires you to volunteer, then being a member of this team/club will count towards those hours.