7th Grade


Here you will find information for each class regarding specific assignments for the students for the week.

(Ms. Madden)


Blocks 1, 2, 4:

  • IXL 45 min. due Saturday 8:00 am

    • Level H L.2

    • Any other recommended skills

Block 3:

  • IXL 45 min. due Saturday 8:00 am

    • Level I AA.4, AA.5

    • Any other recommended skills

  • Unit 1 Lesson 1 Practice Problems due tomorrow (Wed.)

(Mrs. Jain)


9/9-Get the 7th grade Science Safety Contract signed and return to class. Due 9/10

Quiz on 9/15

9/13 and 9/14- Study for quiz. (qualitative and quantitative observations and inferences, and lab safety rules

Language Arts
(Mrs. Ashman)


Due Fri. 9/17 by midnight: Finish comprehension questions for "The Lady or the Tiger?"

Finish the RACE Response for "The Lady or the Tiger?"

Language Arts
(Ms. Norris)


(Dr. Moulds)


(Mrs. Pierrot)

Homework: Get the syllabus and lab safety forms signed Due 9/17

Tuesday, Sept 14: Complete nutrition label google slides

Social Studies
(Mr. Jackson & Mr. Mccleery)


1. Finish UNESCO project for Wednesday. Presentations start on Friday.

2. Work on 9/11 scavenger hunt. Due October 1st.

Gifted and talented


jackson block 1.pdf

Jackson Block 1 Remind Code

jackson block 2.pdf

Jackson Block 2 Remind Code

jackson block 3.pdf

Jackson Block 3 Remind Code

jackson block 4.pdf

Jackson Block 4 Remind Code

mccleery block 1.pdf

McCleery Block 1 Remind Code

mccleery block 2.pdf

McCleery Block 2 Remind Code

mccleery block 3.pdf

McCleery Block 3 Remind Code

mccleery block 4.pdf

McCleery Block 4 Remind Code