7th Grade


Here you will find information for each class regarding specific assignments for the students for the week.

(Ms. Madden)


Blocks 1, 2, 4:

  • Check PowerSchool as it updates for missing assignments

Block 3:

  • Check PowerSchool as it updates for missing assignments

Class Website Link

(Mrs. Jain)


Density Quiz on 5/12


D:1- IXl on Density (C9L)



IXL- AA Plate tectonics-1,2,3

Due 4/24


Quiz on 4/12

Study for Quiz on Layers of the earth, plate tectonics and Wegener Vs Fixists theory. (Open notes quiz)

3/21- Study for quiz

Quiz- Wed 3/23

Study Vocabulary words on the Gallery walk document posted on google classroom to help prepare for the quiz. Review the words as you do the Gallery walk on Tuesday 3/22

3/8-3/11 (due 3/11)

Watch the videos and answer the related questions on the google docs

Language Arts
(Mrs. Ashman)


Reading Log 3 due Mon. 6/13

(This is a paper assignment that must be turned in in class on Monday.)

Remind Invite for 7th Grade West ELA.pdf

Language Arts
(Ms. Norris)


  • IXL FF3 due Friday 5/13

  • Argumentative Essay due 5/20

(Mr. Hefferan)

HW 6/6

CC Time is running out to make up late work. Last day I check late work is Wed. 6/15. You will need to use a home computer to do it after TODAY !! Or, stay after school if a teacher is willing to watch you.....

Blocks 1,2,3 June 6

CC1, CC2, CC3

Accelerated: 6/6

DUE WED. 6/8 (as in, I will check Wed. at about 8 a.m.)

Contest, Grade 8 IXL (NOT grade 7)

A4, B5, D4, D3, D6, D12, E1, E4

Boys vs. Girls

Top team avg. earns a donut, and a hw pass.

(Mrs. Pierrot)

This week: Newsela: The Effects of Soil Erosion (complete SCIENCE QUIZ)

Last Week: Tsunami Choice Board

Directions are on the Google Classroom Assignment.

Social Studies
(Mr. Jackson & Mr. Mccleery)


(Mr. McCleery):

Frayer Models for Japan vocab due 6/9

Work on Scavenger Hunt

(Mr. Jackson)

1. Work on scavenger hunt due on June 7th

Gifted and talented

Homework: Start thinking about National History Day project ideas.

jackson block 1.pdf

Jackson Block 1 Remind Code

jackson block 2.pdf

Jackson Block 2 Remind Code

jackson block 3.pdf

Jackson Block 3 Remind Code

jackson block 4.pdf

Jackson Block 4 Remind Code

mccleery block 1.pdf

McCleery Block 1 Remind Code

mccleery block 2.pdf

McCleery Block 2 Remind Code

mccleery block 3.pdf

McCleery Block 3 Remind Code

mccleery block 4.pdf

McCleery Block 4 Remind Code