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Learn How To Help Your Students Navigate Google Classroom

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Welcome Elementary Parents

Learning technology is an intricate part to education at the Elementary level. Learning or getting started is always the toughest part. Norwalk is dedicated to making those steps as fluid as possible.

What are Chromebooks?

What are Chromebooks?

Learn what a Chromebook is and how your students can use it in school.

Chromebook Touchpads

How can your student navigate on a Chromebook using the built in Touchpad.

Keyboard Tips & Tricks

Learn how your Chromebook is just a little bit different than a Mac or PC

Sharing Chromebooks at Home

Learn how to use a Chromebook if you have multiple students at home.

Reading Assessment Tutorials


Check out video for how to find the app on your Chromebook, how find your tests, some testing tips, and a little "how to" on taking the test.

What Is Your Child Watching?

Common Sense Media: Mar 24, 2020 9:45 PM.webm

What are they watching?

  • Have you ever been curious if your child should be watching or playing a certain game?

  • Common Sense Media helps parents check and see ratings, age limits, and reviews of many games, apps, movies, tv shows, books and more.

Wide Open School

For Grades Prek - 5

This is a great resource for families. It has everything a family needs for support of different educational websites and resources. Besides our resources this is the site for you and it is supported by Common Sense Media.