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Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and a Happy New Year! We are embarking upon the midpoint of the school year, and at this time, students should be getting back in the swing of their normal routines. It is important during the long, winter months that students keep up with their studying and school work. Reminder that ICE is used by students to get extra help and check-in with teachers if they missed any work due to illness, etc. Before we know it, flowers will be blooming again! The days are already getting longer once again!

A little bit about Mrs. Benoit!

Hello All,

I have been teaching Science for 20 something years now in Massachusetts public schools. I have experience teaching science to college, high school and middle school students! Each has been very rewarding and has helped me develop my skills as an educator. I have my Masters of Arts in Biology from Fitchburg State College and my Bachelor of Science in Biology from UMass Boston. My state educator license program was completed at Framingham State College. We have a great public higher education system in our state that I consider myself fortunate to have attended!

Outside of teaching, I spend time with my family doing a variety of activities and traveling as much as we can! My husband, 2 kids, and I vacationed in New Hampshire, Cape Cod & Narragansett this summer! Some of the highlights of my summer were watching my son play baseball, my daughter play field hockey and going to a Luke Bryan concert at Fenway with my husband! In addition to traveling, we enjoy attending sporting events frequently. We are very big Patriots fans, and my husband and I typically go to a few games a season! My favorite things to do during my down time are cooking, watching movies, and reading a good book! Although I am back at school for the next 10 months, I still plan on having fun with my family during my off time to keep a happy balance for all!

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Safety Contract

Flinn Safety Contract for Middle School. Needs to be read, signed by students, and returned to class! This will count as a HW grade. It should also be studied to prepare for a basic safety quiz! (*There will not be any dissections in science.)