NMS Basketball

Welcome! Use this site to access our calendar of important dates (practices, games, meetings), announcements about the team, and relevant paperwork distributed to the players.

Norton Middle School Basketball is a member of the Massasoit League of middle school teams. All players on the girls and boys teams are student athletes who represent Norton Middle School and their community with integrity and sportsmanship.


Girls Head Coach: Nicole Down Boys Head Coach: Chris Cummings

The NMS Basketball teams are coached by Chris Cummings and Nicole Down. Both coaches are teachers at Norton Middle School and have run the basketball program together since 2013.

Eligibility Requirements

Per the Norton Middle School Student Handbook: "Middle school students failing multiple courses the term prior to the tryout will be deemed academically ineligible." Student athletes, additionally, are required to report grades and academic progress to coaches throughout the season.

NMS Basketball plays all HOME games at the NORTON MIDDLE SCHOOL.

All HOME games begin at 3:30pm.