Photography Club

Hello photography club members. I will be your photography club adviser this year. Mrs. Cruickshank will be assisting me with helping you learn more about photography as well as have some fun with our photos. I am attaching the dates of our meetings to this site so you are able to know ahead of time when the meetings are. I will ALWAYS let you know if for some reason I have to cancel a meeting. Listen for announcement at school or check this site, Google Classroom, our calendar or our Google Drive folder. I have also attached a copy of the permission form for you need to join the club. I look forward to having a great year with you and getting to know our new members.

**If you are going to use your phone as your camera please be sure to have your parents help you put Google Drive onto your phone. We will be using Google Drive to share our pictures.

Mrs. Cannata

Below are activities from last year. Check them out!

Below is the link to the Photography Club Google Classroom. The students who are in the photography club will get the code to join soon.

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Due to a multi school track meet here at Norton Middle School on Monday, we need to move our next photography club meeting to Tuesday. The parking lots will all be used for the people coming to the track meet, so we would not be able to do our project. Rather than cancel, I moved the meeting to Tuesday so we could get it done. It is supposed to be sunny and warm on Tuesday afternoon according to the weather channel. I hope they are correct. So bring your cameras and get ready for our first fun activity of the Photography club. See the pictures below to see what students did last year. (Chalk pictures.)

2017-18 Photography Club sign up form
Welcome to Photography Club

Below is our first real adventure with photography. The kids had to come up with an idea they could draw in chalk that they could put themselves into. This is the result of their creativity.

The kids had a lot of fun designing their picture to put themselves into. We may try this again in the spring.

The kids had a great time creating the perspective photos below. We looked at how positioning what's in the picture can change our perspective.

To the left someone appears to be hiding in the grass watching a giant eat her friend.

To the right, Minnie Mouse is driving recklessly and hit one of the girls.

We need to work on focus and depth of field but they did a great job with the perspective.

Above: My young photographers during the Christmas, Ugly Sweater assembly.

Here are some winter birds that I photographed after the snow storm on Thursday 2/9/17.

Mrs. Cannata

A Chickadee A Tufted Titmouse

A Junco A Chickadee

A Tufted Titmouse A White Breasted Nuthatch

A Carolina Wren A Downie Woodpecker A Hairy Woodpecker

A White Breasted Nuthatch A Red Breasted Nuthatch

The Photography Club went over to the Town Cemetery to take pictures during our May 16th meeting.

Dueling Cameras

The 2017 NMS Photoshow was a great success. Lifetouch sent a representative and judged the show. We had 3 winners.

See below!

The Winners Are!!!

These are the students who participated!!

First place was Lily Dias Second place was Marisa Lambert

Third place was Cassie Costello

Thank you Lifetouch for judging the contest!!!

And for the great feedback you gave the students.

My wonderful photography club girls. I hope you all enjoyed the club as much as I did. Good Luck to my 8th graders. I hope you come and visit us and keep on taking pictures. I am looking forward to working with my soon to be 7th graders next year. Have a wonderful summer and keep taking those photos !!! Mrs. Cannata