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Lol no, but really though. If you're here to stay, prepare for awesomeness and a lot of unprofessionalism. xD #SpreadTheGolden's main purpose is to help educate you, the Student Body, about NSA's past. Basically, it's the world's best and funnest history class. So, grab your popcorn and a chair, and let's get to this! Just...make sure you don't sit in that chair *points to the broken desk chair in the corner*


Alrighty so I know you guys have been yeeeearning for me to write about this one since like, before I started this article xD So, without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce you to The Noble and Ancient Thread *makes a swooping gesture*

Lets get started! So when I was an MSer, the only thing that I knew about the NAAT was that it was an uber long thread in the High School Interest Areas, where people have swords and dragons and fight weird creatures called porkypines. And from an outside perspective, that's exactly what it is. Heck, we're basically the LARPers of NSA, (and to those of you who are confused, those are the people who are way beyond nerddom).

But, being an insider, it's so much more than that. The NAAT is a culture, it's a community, and it has a rich and vibrant history. It's quite literally the longest thread on NSA, the current post being at number 81,623. The NAAT was founded sometime around 2007 and it kicked off from there. The NAAT has a world inside it's walls. It has castles, beasts, mountains, oceans, fields, dragons, porkypines, chameliollamasauruses, evil witches, evil scientists, mythical heirlooms and much, much more. There is always an adventure to be had and bad guys to slay (Just remember to stay within the BOP). I've been a member of the Order of Many Posts since 2013, and I regret nothing (except maybe all those hours that I should have been doing school and the consequential stress that caused >_> But we won't get into that).

Anyway, all that to say is that the NAAT is not just an adventure thread. In many ways (now this is going to sound weird) it's like a home to me and many other participants.

But! Don't just hear it all from me. Below is the history of the founding of the NAAT as told by one of the founders, Lady Leolani (Jamie) Tucker.

History of the Noble and Ancient Thread

As told by Lady Leolani

After the war, there was a season of restless peace. It seemed that the Spartans had all been sucked out of Cyberspace into the far places where there are no font colors, and the Rebels were content to leave things be. After all, what entity did they have, were they truly Rebels, if they had no one to rebel against? And so the IA fell into a restless silence, and it seemed that its days of activity were a thing of the past.

But, this was not to be! For the leader of the defeated Spartans, Johnmark Tucker, had a younger sister who had once heard grand stories of the IA and the lengthy thread. Newly active on NSA herself, it saddened her to see it lying silent and dead. Still, nothing would have become of it if not for a valiant ally, Lady Elyse. Through a shared interest in Sign Language, an enjoyment of fine literature, and the delight of imagination… a friendship formed. In those days, the NAAT had no official title, and the subject line was changed every few days as the topic of conversation changed. And it was this thread that facilitated the friendship of Lady Leolani and Lady Elyse. What wonderful times they had, and how the thread grew! In time, they formed the order of Knights… Knights of the Order of Many Posts, aka Kotoomps. And with that they established the name, Noble and Ancient Thread. For it was indeed ancient, dating back to the days of 2006.

There were several casual allies in those days… Miss Kohl, I believe, who stated that "Kotoomp" sounded like jumping in a mud puddle. William Schmidt, who would often swoop in at the appearance of Newbie Rebels that he might wage war against them with us. Evan Hoffmann, and a few others. Our first official Knighting ceremonies were for Rachel Elliott and Lace Zeuhlsdorff, followed by the equally worthy Cecelia Schmidt and Abbie Wright. There were several generations of Rebels, but we Kotoomps remained. We, our pages and our squires. After some time Lady Marissa was knighted, and Sir Timothy, and Lady Ashley, and others… and the thread grew even more and more ancient as I, Lady Leolani, have been sucked out of cyberspace even as were the Spartans before me, and as you who now read this will likewise someday be. I am proud to have worthy successors, and you too will one day tell legends to those who come after you. Farewell!

The NAAT, or Noble and Ancient Thread, is a long lasting thread, upwards of 70,000 posts, started in 2005. The thread followed the Era of the Spartans and was supposedly started by Leolani Tucker. NAAT is a thread of a medieval theme, full of quests, knights, dragons, and other random characteristics of NSA. It is currently in Interest Areas.


Imma be honest with y'all here, I don't know much about the CRT. In fact, I've made it one of my jobs to not know much about the it. You see, when I was squired I vowed to "never post in a rebel thread," and I decided that if I can't post in the CRT, why invest my time in it when I could be using that time to further the NAAT, or even better: bake cookies? So, I really only know as much as the next guy, which is why I'm bringing in the professional. Meet Bob, an active member of the CRT from approximately 2013-2015. Unfortunately, Josh Liposic, the founder of the CRT, is quite busy adulting at the moment, so we'll have to settle for Bob. He's cool though, and he does a pretty chill cover of Rather Be, by Clean Bandit.

History of the Confederate Revolutionary Thread

As told by Bob

*Magically appears from a cloud of smoke, wearing an old, dusty, gray cloak* *Sits down on a comfy chair*

Gather 'round children, for I am going to tell you the tale of the CRT. It all started in the fall of 2011. I was but a young lad then, a "newb," in hip speak. The NAAT had been around for a number of years, and while it had many posts, it was becoming slow and boring. In order to revitalize the IA, Joshua Liposec decided to start a revolution, and throw down the NAAT. He created the very first post. I was the first person to join his ranks, and in honor of that, Joshua placed me as second in command. Soon, others joined us. We had a different name then, but it didn't fit. After some ideas being tossed around, we changed our name to the Conferederate Revolutionary Thread of NSA. The main appeal of the CRT, and the reason I rebelled against the NAAT, is that we did not require you to post for a full year, in order to become a full member. In the CRT, you were accepted right away with open arms.

During those first months, it was glorious. We even had full fledged battles and duals with the NAAT. They thought we would die out, and while we came close, we held on for our dear lives. There were even times when we were STRONGER than the NAAT; pushing them to the bottom of the IA. Eventually, Joshua had to step down, and then I became leader of the CRT. The CRT went through some changes, such as implementing a full fledged ranking system, based on real life military ranks.

After a number of years, both sides died down a bit, and after proving our strength and worth, the NAAT recognized us, and a truce was called. From then on we lived in peace. Then, in the third year of the CRT's life, I was hit with a major case of senioritis. The CRT fell very weak, almost dying once again. However, loyalists kept it alive to this day, and now I return to give my knowledge, and blessing. *Stands up and raises my arms into the air, as a magical bright light appears shining on me* PEOPLE OF THE CONFEDERATE REVOLUTIONARY THREAD OF NSA, MAY YOUR BLADES NEVER DULL, AND MAY YOUR AIM ALWAYS BE TRUE. GO FORTH AND FLOURISH! As a final warning, if the NAAT evens decides to become hostile again, or break our treaty, then unleash the power of a thousand suns upon them, and show them that the CRT while NOT go silently into the night! That we will not go down without a fight! And may God have mercy upon their souls.

Also, the number of replies is DRASTICALLY incorrect. The last time I posted, which was September 27, 2014, we were at 6601. Something got screwed up.

So what's the big deal? Why the rivalry?

THEY'RE LAME AND THEY TRIED TO DESTROY US SO NOW WE'RE GIVING THEM THE ETERNAL COLD SHOULDER OKAY?! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Also it's kind of fun to have an eternal "enemy" that's full of your friends so you can playfully snub your nose at them. I'm sure y'all understand that. U_U Lastly, tradition. Tradition is like, the most integral part of the Interest Areas threads, so we must abide by it U_U

Thank you for taking time to read this call to action, this plea for help, this cry for hope.

I hope you realize the gravity of the situation, and are ready to take a stand. U_U The time is now, young padawans. Band together with me and my fellow soldiers to fight against Zer0.

This article was written by Lady Adelaide York, KOTOOMP.

Thanks for reading, you guys. xD See you next month!