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Hey everyone! This is Noelle Taylor, and in this article, I'll be featuring a writer with whom I'll do a quick writer's interview. Then you'll get to read a cliffhanger we wrote together! Dun dun dun... Oooo, suspense. *thunder and lightning strikes* @_@ Muahahahaha. Nah, don't worry, relax. u_u

Just prepare to be hung off a cliff....

Writer of the Month: Ruby Sky!

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Noelle Taylor: How long have you been doing creative writing, and what do you like most about it?

Ruby Sky: Well, I've been doing creative writing for about... four years now. I started writing during transition when I was eleven. Wrote a really bad rip off of the Princess Bride. It has been eradicated off the face of the earth.

Ruby Sky: What I love about creative writing is that you can take a truth that you see and feel and turn it into a gorgeous story. You can make people feel what you feel. It's a power, it really is. The power to make people feel, to realize things about themselves and the world that they wouldn't have seen before.

Noelle Taylor: Great answer! I love how you described it. And lol, a rip-off of the Princess Bride. xDD

Ruby Sky: It was so bad, man, you should be happy I deleted it. XD

Noelle Taylor: Haha xD

Noelle Taylor: Have you ever collaborated with someone in writing before?

Ruby Sky: Hmmm, well, I have helped people when they are stuck for ideas and I've been helping a friend of mine plot out a series she is writing.

Noelle Taylor: Cools!

Noelle Taylor: Have you done any writing contests, workshops, classes, or training of any kind? Do you have any writing tips (anything) to give out to writers that you've learned with your experience of writing?

Ruby Sky: I have done a writing contest. I didn't win, but it was a fun experience. I've taken Creative Writing Classes with NSA, I have at least two friends who are published authors, so I have people around me that are pouring into my writing. As for writing tips, hmm. I would recommend finding music or white noise that fits your story so you can enter that mindset. I make book playlists for all the novels I write, and all my songs have lyrics. You don't have to just do instrumentals or white noise. Whatever makes you feel passionate about your story (within reason, obviously) you should listen to.

Noelle Taylor: And lastly... do you have anything to say about your blog? ;)

(Just saying, guys... this girl is fab. Check out her blog at!)

Ruby Sky: Aw thanks ^-^ Um... what would you like to know? XD *blushes* Thanks!

Noelle Taylor: You could... shamelessly advertise. ;D And write for the Navigator! #shamelessadvertising

Ruby Sky: #wonderful

Ruby Sky: Well, I started my blog about... three years ago. I like to think that it's grown as I've matured. It looks a lot prettier now than it used to, and I hope the content has grown. I started it out of a want to interact and share my ideas with the world. I wanted to know if my writing could speak for itself, and I think it has.

Noelle Taylor: Yay, thanks for sharing! And guys, go check her out. Her blog is amazing. u_u

I repeat:!

Noelle Taylor: All right, let's move onto... THE CLIFFHANGER! >:D You ready?

Ruby Sky: I suppose so ;D

When Power Fades

By Noelle Taylor and Ruby Sky

Stars are the life source of this planet.

They shine and give light, guiding anyone who is lost, strengthening the oblivious people below.

No one knows how important those twinkles above are, do they?

No one knows that in reality, they were only alive because of the stars.

But that comes with a price.

The stars, themselves, need help to stay alive, too.

If not, everyone would die.

Thus, I was one of the chosen children to look after a star.

Knowledge is power, but hidden knowledge? That's just a burden.


"Hey, midget, why don't you just stay low on the ground and crawl on your hands?"

13-year-old Sebastian stood in the middle of the playground, stone-faced. His hands clenched even as he shivered. Darren towered over him, leaning slightly forward to reinforce his height on Sebastian.

"Stupid. Grow taller, won't you?" Darren snarled. His eyes lit up with a spark of cold amusement.

Sebastian blinked back the hot tears brimming his eyes and pushed back his glasses. Ignore him. Sticking his hands inside his pockets, trying to contain the energy he possessed, he trudged away, kicking the ground a little harder as he went.

He had so much power to fight back, to do something - but no, he wouldn't.

He wasn't allowed to.

No one knew that under his stout stature, nerdy appearance, and quiet disposition, that he held an incomprehensible, life-giving power within him.

He wished that one day, maybe, just for once - he could unleash it all.


That night, Sebastian sat quietly on his bed, looking out the window. Hey, star. Hope you're doing well. He glanced up with a brief smile at the ball of light above - today it must've travelled nearer than before.

The stars were aligned today. That was good.

Sebastian cast a glance at the clock sitting on his desk - 30 seconds to midnight. It was time.

He drew a breath, annoyed at how this still made his heart beat faster every time. How long had he been doing this? It shouldn't still be scaring or exciting him after all these years.

He closed his eyes, breathing deeply as he rested his hands on his crossed legs, palms upward. There were no words, no magic spell - just a loan - no, a small token of appreciation, a gift.

That's all it was, really.

Giving energy to a friend - his only friend.

When he opened his eyes, he sat still as he watched the yellow mist float up from his fingers like flames, licking the ceiling above. The mist disappeared with the air of a fading firework, and when Sebastian leaned to look out the window, he saw the star twinkle brightly.

He heaved a sigh - giving star energy was tiring.

As he laid down on his bed, worn out, he wondered about other star children. The other ones who worked and gave energy, without being able to mention it to anyone. Would I ever meet them? But they'd never tell me, even if we talked. We're not supposed to know.

His eyes slowly closed as Sebastian drifted off to sleep.


Sebastian jolted awake, and realized he couldn't move. Immediately, he felt the blisters on his wrists from the chains holding them together.

Something was wrong. Energy had been drained from him - the unimaginable power inside him had faded, and his whole body felt lethargic. His eyes darted left and right as sweat beaded and dripped down his face.

There he was, floating in blackness - in a void prison, with only the sky made visible to him.

He was a prisoner.

Instinctively, Sebastian looked up, and a scream died in his throat.

No stars.

He strained against his chains, squinting to see more of the sky, hoping that he was wrong, that it was just a cloudy night.

Where's everyone? Where am I?! Who did this to me? Where are the stars?

Sebastian lifted his face to the vast expanse above. The sky was dark, and nothing shone in the black void.

No light.

He blinked, incredulous.

Am I really dead? Is this my spirit?

Has my home disintegrated?

And then it dawned on him.

It can't be.

There was no mistake.

The stars.

They're really gone.

I must be dead, then.

Writing Challenge!

This is where I'll be giving a cliff-hanging writing prompt challenge to the creative writers out there! Excited?! You ready for this challenge? ;) Here's your prompt this month:

You are a psychologist in a session with a patient. Halfway through it, you realize it is you from the future.

Have fun doing this challenge!

That's it for this month's issue!

What did you think of the story? Was it excitingly cliff-hanging? >:D Stay tuned, and see you next month!

Signing off,

Noelle Taylor

Special thanks to Ruby Sky for collaborating with me this month, and to Delayee Kamenski for making this article possible! Background credit goes to Pinterest.