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For Prospective Students

The Navigator is just one of many activities available through NSA that promotes student involvement. In the Navigator students have the ability to write on any topic of their choosing under the leadership of other students. It is a great way to improve your skills as a writer while working in a fun, uplifting environment. Students can also participate as interns, apprentices, and editors to help produce the Navigator monthly. And who knows! Maybe you'll be the next Editor-in-Chief. ;D

For Current and Past Students

This website was created in an effort to expand the Navigator past the folders of FirstClass and allow students to display their work publicly. The Navigator is still accessible on your FirstClass desktop, and we hope you will venture there to find more features and discuss the Navigator in the Navigator Jabber. If you are unable to access FirstClass, you can still rely on this website to keep you up-to-date! Please note that all names on the website have been changed for the protection of our staff; you can guess who's who or find it on the Staff page in FirstClass. ;)

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