Scheduling & Elective Options @NSMS,


Incoming Grade 6 - World Language Selection Video (French, Italian, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish)

Click HERE for the video

Incoming Grade 8 Elective Videos

Drawing & Painting


Digital Photography


Moving Images

Studio Art *note: this is a full-year course; no other cycles would be taken; this course would be taken for the entire year

Electronic Music Production

Modern Music Workshop

Make a Magazine

Theater Workshop

Mindfulness Workshop



Crafty Creations

Math Showdown

Math Research

Dance *note: this class is an option for an alternate to traditional Physical Education - it meets alternate day for the year; it is NOT a cycle class

Weight Training

Insane Fitness


Honors Physical Education

Science Research

Comparative Anatomy

Stock Market

Pop Culture

Public Speaking

Computer Design Workshop

Robotics & Automation

Transportation & Vehicles

Engineering & Structures

Inventors Workshop

Viking Explorers *note: this class meets for THREE CYCLES. If you choose this class, it will be your only cycle elective class