Summer Reading

Read What You Love

This summer, Fieldstone Middle School and North Rockland High School are challenging students to read. Whether it is a novel, a blog, or a graphic novel, we just want you to read something. With the exception of our Advanced Placement classes, there are no book lists, required readings, or required summer work. Instead, we challenge you to the following:

  • Read what you love: You've spent the year reading what's required, but we know you have other interests. Find a book, a blog, a graphic novel, or newspaper and read about things that interest you. That's right, it is no longer limited to books or a list of topics that you have no interest in reading. Reading may not be your thing, but try reading about something you genuinely like.
  • Review what you read: ReadOne is all about inspiring our community to read. The best way to inspire is for the reviews to come straight from you. If you would like to enter our Summer Reading Challenge, you simply fill out a review form located on this site. We'll use parts of your reviews to help others find good reading material.
  • Be Creative With Reviews: A standard, written review gives you credit and is perfectly acceptable. But, the English Department challenges you to go beyond the standard. We'll award a student in each grade a prize for the most creative review. Video reviews, websites, podcasts, art projects, and whatever else you can think of is acceptable. Of course, get your parents' permission before doing anything online. If you have questions about ideas or how to submit a creative idea, contact Mr. Armida at
  • Read All Summer: The challenge is asking you to go beyond the minimum of one submission. After you submitted one book review or completed the blog or newspaper challenge, start another one. The student in each grade level who submits the most reviews will also receive a prize.

How To Do Summer Reading...

  • Choose What You Want To Read: Book, Blog, Graphic Novel, or Magazine/Newspaper. If you are stuck, check out our Suggested Reading Page or our Student Recommendation Page. As reviews begin to come in, we will publish them throughout the summer.
  • Read.
  • If you wish to participate in our Summer Reading Challenge, submit your review. You will find the review form here. If you have problems or questions, email Mr. Armida at
  • Do it all over again.

Advanced Placement Summer Reading Assignment

Students accepted into our Advanced Placement Program for the 2017/2018 school year have a mandatory assignment. While A.P. students can still submit that work towards the Summer Reading challenge, all assigned work must be completed as outlined on the AP Summer Reading site.

Please visit the AP Page for more details.