NRCSD Instructional Challenges

North Rockland Central School District Instructional Challenges

NRCSD wants to create an atmosphere where technology is not just a mere substitute for how things use to be done but we want technology to allow for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable.

Taking part in the following challenges will allow you to expand your teaching pedagogy and give you an opportunity to do professional development at your own pace and time. After completing challenges an electronic badge will be awarded to you, CTLE hours, and In-service credits.

NR Teacher Badge Challenges

  1. Digital Citizenship
  2. Youtube Live
  3. Digital Assessments with Google Forms
  4. Google Slides
  5. Teacher Leadership in Action (Under Construction)

NR Administrator Badge Challenges

  1. Developing Your Professional Learning Network
  2. Digital Data Dive (Under Construction)
  3. Increasing Your PR Mileage (Under Construction)
  4. Teacher Engagement (Under Construction)