Welcome To My WEB Page! :)

Hi my name is Maddy. I think it is really cool that we got Chromebooks for school. We get to use it for so many things! If you are in 6th grade you probably didn't figure too much out about the Chromebook. Or maybe you know more than me. I have some cool tricks to show you that you can show your friends too!!


Tip #1

If you want your mouse that your using right now to look cool, funny, or big, go to settings.

Then go and type in mouse at the search bar.

After that pick the one that says Manage acceptably Features.

Then you can pick if you want stick keys, large mouse cursor, or to highlight your mouse cursor.

Tip #2

If you want to take a photo on your computer from any website, you can take a screenshot.

To take a screenshot on your computer, just press the two buttons Ctrl and the button right above the number six.

It is a box with two lines right next to it.

It looks like the picture I put up above on the top of the page. (You might need to zoom in a little)

Tip #3

To make your own Chromebook's screen flip, just press the four buttons,

shift, Ctrl, alt, and the reload button.

Google Tricks

  • Type in the search bar, "Do a barrel roll, your screen will flip just like it is doing a somersault!
  • Type in the search bar, Zerg Rush. After that, little tiny circles will come from the top, bottom, and sides of your computer screen. When the little circles come, they will start to eat you websites that you just searched. (Don't worry the circles don't actually eat your websites.)
  • If you want your eyes to hurt, just search, Blink HTML. All of the HTML signs will flash on your screen several times. (Or maybe this wont hurt your eyes at all.)
  • If you want your computer screen to tilt just type in the search bar, askew. Then your computer screen will go on an angle but everything will still work!

Take care of Your Chromebook

You need to keep your Chromebook in good shape. If anything bad happens to your Chromebook go to Chrome depot. When you go to chrome depot the people there will fix your Chromebook or give you a different one until you get yours back.

You should also keep your Chromebook clean so you don't have to bring it to Chrome depot.

You also have to remember to charge your Chromebook so you can can use it when you need to use it. The teachers might get mad if you don't have a charged Chromebook when you need to do an assignment.

Also I'm sorry about this thing on the bottom. It wouldn't let me change it.

Thank you for looking at my web page! (If you actually read it . . . )