Our Purpose

  • To assist in student life issues at Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies.

  • To provide an avenue of discussing issues that may be presented during the school year.

  • To provide an avenue for students to take leadership and to develop solutions to student issues.

  • To provide an opportunity for students to develop their full potential in citizenship, leadership, and character.

2021-22 Officer's Message

Mission Statement

The mission of the NEAAAT student government association is to represent the NEAAAT student body in a professional manner, address student proposals, and to strive to improve our school for the benefit of the NEAAAT community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build a future for our students, school, and communities, through student leaders who support sound decision making practices, critical thinking skills, empowering student voice, community service projects, and student member representation.

Our Goals

Equality and Inclusion:

The NEAAAT SGA will cultivate an equitable and inclusive school environment by creating accessibility, promoting intercultural competence, and advocating for increased student representation within NEAAAT administration and the community at large.


The NEAAAT SGA shall enhance the visibility of all student resources, services, and programs while also collaborating both internally and with the community at large.


The NEAAAT SGA shall empower the student body by generating social activism, promoting student interest, increasing awareness of local, national, and global issues, while promoting sustainable practices within our school.

What has SGA been up to?

Fall 2021

Food Drive

Coming Soon! 11/1 - 11/19

Spirit Week!

October 25 - 29