Andrew Brown


Andrew is enjoying the support that NPS gets from its parent and wider community. Andrew is a keen user and promoter of technology, and loves seeing children given opportunities for real-life learning that connects them to their world. He loves the passion and desire all the NPS staff have to provide the best learning opportunities for all the students. Andrew enjoys watching a good game of any sport. He has ridden motorbikes most of his life and rides to work each day on his motorbike. Andrew loves going to the beach and getting in some family time on the ski fields whenever possible.

Jo Gregory

Deputy Principal

Jo is passionate about how we live and learn here at NPS. She is excited about creating learners who are successful in and out of school and motivated by the connections we have in our Northcote Community of Learners to contribute to our wider Northcote whanau. She enjoys watching our students go from good to great in the six years they have with us and growing leadership capacity in students and staff. She is also very fond of her fur friends and spending time outside of school connecting with her whanau and enjoy life at the gym and entertaining with her friends.

Heather Bartlett

Assistant Principal

Heather is passionate about family and friends, the outdoors, sports and life itself. She is also passionate about teaching and loves to see our NPS children thriving in their learning. Having a long standing relationship with this school , she enjoys catching up with past pupils and finding out what they and their families are up to .

Heather loves to head to the beach in the weekends, walking, swimming and enjoying the sunshine.

Kauri Team

Sheriden Blundell

Classroom Teacher / Team Leader

Room 12 Kauri Team

Sheriden loves life and has a wonderful family to enjoy it with. She is passionate about teaching and being a lifelong learner. She has a particular interest in Inquiry and encourages her class to design their own learning through Inquiry, using digital technology.

Caroline Jones

Classroom Teacher / ICT Leader.

Room 14 Kauri Team

She likes to incorporate digital technology into everyday classroom life and encourages students to be connected, collaborative, creative and critical thinkers. She moved up from her hometown of Wellington almost 4 years ago and has loved exploring all that Auckland has to offer. When she is not in the classroom she can usually be found outside running, walking, surfing, or skiing during the winter months.

Zac Fowles

Classroom Teacher

Room 13 Kauri Team

Being the only male teacher in the school can be hard sometimes for Zac but he loves being part of a very friendly, caring and supportive family at NPS. He enjoys being in the water most weekends surfing at Muriwai or Tawharanui. Zac has a huge passion in motivating kids to believe in themselves, become independent and providing a supportive environment where they feel safe and not afraid to take risks.

Robyn Dixon

Classroom Teacher

Room 11 Kauri Team

Robyn loves the outdoors, sport and family time. She believes in encouraging children to be self-motivated great learners and encourages them to set goals and work towards them.

Lisa Biddick

Kauri Team

Room 10 Teacher

Lisa is passionate about teaching and learning, she enjoys inspiring students’ to achieve their personal bests. In her spare time she loves fishing, hiking, gardening anything outdoors, spending time with friends and family is important to her.

Totara Team

Jodie Edgar

Classroom Teacher / Totara Team Leader

Room 16 Totara Team

Jodie, loves cooking and science and integrating this passion into inquiry in the classroom. She is particularly interested in student voice and its effect on achievement. In her spare time Jodie enjoys hanging out with family and friends and travelling around outside of Auckland.

Bex McKenzie

Classroom Teacher

Room 9 Totara Team

Bex loves adventures and spending time with friends and family. She has a passion for finding fun and exciting ways to teach children a new concept or skill.

Jo Pearson

Classroom Teacher / eLearning Leader

Room 15 Totara Team

Northcote Community of Learning Within School Leader

Jo loves her family, her friends and having adventures. Whilst travelling the world, she caught a piranha while fishing in the Amazon Rainforest, worked as a chef in the French Alps and climbed mountains in Norway. She loves her job as a teacher, is a bit arty and is passionate about using technology to support learning.

Jenny Lee

Classroom Teacher

Room 16 Totara Team

Jenny loves being outdoors and spending time with her family and friends. She is passionate about creating a supportive learning environment for children to encourage each other’s learning.

Lynn Drought

Classroom Teacher

Room 18 Totara Team

Lynn loves being a landscape artist in her spare time and spending time with friends and family. Her favourite beaches are Piha and Muriwai. She loves walking, kayaking and exploring the outdoors.

Angela Beagley

Classroom Teacher

Room 19 Totara Team

Angela loves children, learning new things, and taking the occasional risk. She enjoys family time, running, travel, food and friends. Being a creative type Angela encourages her class to be independent, think outside the square, have a go and have an opinion.

Kereru Team

Jean Linehan

Classroom Teacher / Team Leader.

Room 2 Kereru Team

Family is very important to Jean, who has recently become a grandmother. You will often hear Jean before you see her, as she likes to sing.

Clare Powell

Classroom Teacher

Room 1 Kereru Team

Clare loves music and walking the beach with her family. In her classroom they work together as a Whanau and believe it is important to treat each other with respect, honesty and compassion.

Ranata Singh

Classroom Teacher

Room 4 Kereru Team

National Standards Leader

Northcote Community of Learning Within School Leader

Ranata loves creating a piece of art, reading a good book and spending time with family. She is passionate about challenging children to meet their full potential and to have success in their learning!

Franska Harris

Classroom Teacher

Room 3

Franska originally came from England when she was in her teens. She has taught within a pre-school, in both year 1 / 2 and 5 / 6. A few years ago she went back to the UK, there she worked in many different schools as a supply teacher. Franska loves travelling to unique places, one of her favourites being Camp Leakey in Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo where she visited the Orangutan rehabilitation centre. In her spare time Franska enjoys walking her dog Tui and spending time with her friends and family.

Tui Team

Anne Rush

Classroom Teacher / Team Leader

Room 7 Tui Team

Anne is passionate about ensuring that children have successful transitions from preschool to school. In her spare time Anne enjoys both the competitive and social aspects of playing tennis. She would like to have the time to get back into sewing and gardening.

Ginny Everett

Classroom Teacher

Room 6 Tui Team

Ginny originally comes from Guernsey and has come to love life in her adopted homeland. When not at work she will be spending time with friends, reading, baking or dancing.

Naomi Wilkinson

Classroom Teacher

Room 8 Tui Team

Naomi loves the outdoors and having picnics at the beach with her wonderful family. She is creative and spends weekends with her girls baking, painting and making soaps and jewellery for friends and family.

Allyson Rees

Joint Classroom Teacher

Room 5 Tui Team

Allyson is a lover of music and playing the classical piano. She believes strong literacy foundations provide the fundamentals of successful learning.

Bridget Hawley

Joint Classroom Teacher

Room 5 Tui Team

I am happy to be back at NPS with a great group of children keen to learn. My focus is on developing a positive attitude to learning in all children.

Yeri Heo

Classroom Teacher

Room 8A Tui Team

Yeri loves to spend time with her family and friends. In her spare time she likes to meet up with friends, cook dinner for her family, and take naps with her dog. In the classroom she works hard to create a safe and collaborative learning environment where children take risks and also work cooperatively with others.

Nikau Team

Bronwen Williams

SENCO and Nikau Team Leader

Bronwen has always loved teaching children who find it difficult to learn to read and write. She constantly thinking about why individual children have a problem with their classroom learning and behaviour, and she tries to find the best programmes and approaches to help them. In her spare time, she loves singing, reading, being in the water, and travelling in New Zealand and the world, preferably to out of the way places.

Jacqui Lindsay

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Teacher

Jacqui would not say she is artistic but she is creative. She loves to get children involved in constructing unusual and colourful images and sculptures. As well as teaching children who are learning English as a Second Language, she facilitates workshops for Teacher Aids to become valuable English Language Assistants in their own schools.

Tina Walsh

Reading Recovery Teacher and Teacher in charge of NPS Sports

Tina has a love of literacy and teaching readers and writers to be the best they can be. She is very busy after hours with two sporty boys at home who need an Uber taxi transport mum most days and most weekends. She is looking forward to exploring Italy for her big 50 present to herself.

Sarah Johnson

Teacher Aide

Rachel Brabant

Teacher Aide

Lisa O’Grady

Teacher Aide

Andrea Lendich

Teacher Aide

Cate Young

Teacher Aide

Jackie Van Erven

Teacher Aide

Pohutukawa Team

Kath Johnson

Office Manager

Janine Robson

Office Assistant

Jayne Arthur

Librarian and Resources Manager

Jason Parnell


Annie Roberts

Accounts and Payroll