Technology Integration

Support for G Suite Apps, K-12 Makerspace information, and Much More!

Technology Updates

TECH SUPPORT - We are now officially using Asset Panda for all tech support requests. Please do not call or email for tech support. Using Asset Panda will ensure you receive the best support in a timely manner.

Print directions to access Asset Panda are attached as well as a short video that will take you step-by-step from accessing Asset Panda to filling out a support ticket.

Tech Support.pdf
Tech Support Video.webm

QUICK LINKS - These links will allow you to access and automatically login to NCSD Tech Support, Think Central (ES), Holt McDougal Online (HS), Learn360, and more. These only work once you have already logged into your NC Gmail Account. We will be adding more resources as they become available for Single Sign-On (SSO) access.

In addition, there are also links to other websites and applications such as NCSD Gmail, PowerTeacher, and PowerAdmin.

EMAIL GROUPS - Towards the end of last year, our email groups were reestablished since switching over to Gmail. The attached document provides an outline of available email groups.

Email Groups Handout.pdf

GOOGLE UPDATES - You may notice some slight changes/enhancements when using different G Suite Apps. Google made many improvements to Classroom. They have also created a new Gmail interface which is now available to us. Please see the attached video directions if you would like to make the switch.

New Gmail Interface

The following is a great reminder that technology is nothing more than a tool to arrive at the educational outcome ...

Tech T Chart Outcomes.pdf

"The motivation behind the image was to remind teachers that carefully thinking through just what we want our kids to know and be able to do is the FIRST step that we need to take when making choices about the role that technology plays in our teaching." -Bill Ferriter (Teacher, Blogger, Author, and Professional Development Provider)

Blog: The Tempered Radical


NCSD Technology Vision

The North Collins Central School District will promote technology to foster 21st century skills. The technology will be incorporated across the changing curriculum and common core standards implementation to support and enhance learning. Students will learn to effectively use technology as a tool in problem solving, creativity, communication and productivity in order to become successful contributing members of society able to meet the changing demands of life and workplace. Teachers will use technology to foster a global awareness and to model technological capabilities with the goal of preparing students to become responsible digital citizens.

NCSD Technology Goals

Goal 1: Expand technology throughout the district to increase access for students and faculty, promote accountability, and improve documentation of student progress.

Goal 2: Integrate technology to creatively enhance innovative classroom instruction, engage students in the learning process, and support the achievement of the Common Core Standards.

Goal 3: For teachers and administrators to engage technology as a time-saving tool to access student information for the facilitation of data-driven instructional decisions.

Goal 4: Use technology responsibly to improve and enhance two-way communication between students and teachers to enhance student progress and achievement.

Goal 5: To stay abreast of current and emerging technology trends so that North Collins remains ahead of the curve.

Goal 6: To improve responsible and respectful use of technology.