Welcome to Kindergarten!

If you need to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate!

Mrs. Abad- aabad@northcollinscsd.org or call 337-0166 ext. 2109

Mrs. Wolf-twolf@northcollinscsd.org or call 337-0166 ext. 2111

Ms. Abad (sub for Mrs. Suryani) does not have a school email address or a phone message set up, so please write a note and put it in the green folder or call the office 337-0166 ext 2151

This week in reading we are using phonemic analysis and nursery rhymes to review the letters of the alphabet! Each child was given a set of upper and lower case letters to bring home earlier this year. Please cut the letters out, put them in a shoe box or somewhere safe, and practice letter identification. It will be much easier for your child to learn to read and write if he or she knows the letters of the alphabet! During phonemic analysis, students are "reading" letter/picture pages - they chant the letter, the name of the picture, the first sound of the picture. For example, b, bear, bbbb. This will help when we start learning our letter sounds! If your child is having difficulty with learning the names of letters, try using magnetic letters - they can be found at the Dollar Store. Your child is also bringing home minibooks - please keep these and practice them from time to time!

This week in math we are working in Chapter 2 Comparing Numbers 0-5. Kindergartners are busy counting, modeling, and writing the numbers. Please take the time to help your child with their math homework - it is very important to practice the skills they learn in school at home!

Our theme this week is bats! Kindergartners made paper bats with facts, completed Bats are,can, have charts, sequenced the story There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat, and created bat diagrams! Ask your child to share bat facts with you!

Important Dates

October 14th- No School, Columbus Day

October 25th - no school, Superintendent's Day