Welcome to Kindergarten!

Reading - This week we have started our alphabet review! Kindergartners are focusing on letters Aa-Ee. They are writing the letters, working on correct formation by starting at the top. They are matching capital letters to lowercase letters and starting to bring home work from the reading series! Now is the perfect time to purchase a set of magnetic letters from the dollar store or Walmart. You can help your Kindergartner match letters, find a letter of the day and find the letters of their name! You can also help your child learn the letters by reading ABC books and finding letters in magazines!

Math - This week in Go Math, we are working on Modeling, Counting and Writing numbers 3, 4 & 5! Kindergartners are recognizing that numbers are different than letters and learning how to spell the number words. To help your child, find numbers in the environment, when you are out for a walk or driving in your car!

Our theme this week is Apples ! Kindergartners guessed, tasted and graphed which color apple was the most delicious! Ask your child which color most of the class liked best! We also practiced tracing and cutting to make apple cores, and learned there are seeds inside of an apple! Don't be surprised if you child wants to plant an apple tree!