Welcome to Kindergarten!

If you need to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate!

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Dear Parents,

We have sent packets for the children to use over the next 4 weeks, in order to help your Kindergartner retain what he or she has worked so hard to learn so far. Using this packet with your child will ensure he or she will be ready to pick up where we left off. You already have most of the materials, which have been sent home over the course of the Kindergarten year. If you are missing any, making them at home will be a good learning opportunity for your child. If you have any questions, please contact us through email.

Thank you and stay safe!


  • Letter/Picture Cards - use for identifying letters of the alphabet- have your child say the name of letter, have your child find a letter you name
  • Letter/Picture Cards- use for identifying sounds of the letters - have your child say the sound for letters, have your child find the letter when you say the sound - do this for beginning sounds, middle sounds and ending sounds. Ex. What do you hear at the beginning of cat. What do you hear in the middle of cat. What do you hear at the end of cat.
  • Letter/Picture Cards - use for making words. Start with simple 3 letter words such as bag or sit. Add letters to challenge, such as bags or slit. Students may tap-sound-blend the picture cards or they may read the whole word. If your child has difficulty with this, tap-sound with them - they may be able to blend on their own.
  • Copies of books - Over the year we have sent home 4 books per week. Take these out & have your child read them to an adult. Encourage your child to point to the words as they read to avoid memorizing. Encourage your child to look at the pictures to help them and to make sure what they are reading makes sense. Ask your child questions about what they are reading. The vocabulary and Leveled readers have questions and activities that address the target skills and strategies we are learning.
  • Read books to your child


  • Writing Paper - Give your child letters to practice writing. Printing letters is an important skill, as you want other people to be able to read what you write.
  • Writing Paper - At the back of the leveled and vocabulary readers, there are writing activities. Please encourage your child to write sentences independently. Remind them to “finger stretch” words to spell them. When your child has a sentence or sentences written, edit with your child. Ask them to point to the first word to make sure it is capitalized. Run your finger through the sentence to make sure there are no other capitals (except for I and names!). Look to see there are spaces between words. If they forgot a space, have them use a crayon to draw a line between those words rather than rewriting the whole sentence. If your child wrote the wrong beginning, middle or ending sounds to words, help them sound the word out and identify the sounds they hear. Kindergartners should only be writing the sounds they hear - they should not be made to write the words the same as an adult, as they will be afraid to make a mistake. Check the end of the sentence for punctuation.


  • Number Cards 1-75 - use to identify numbers. If your child struggles, start with numbers 1-20. Put numbers in order, play Top-It to identify numbers/practice greater/less than concepts
  • Number Writing - practice writing numbers. Correct incorrect/backwards numbers. If your child struggles, write numbers to 20. If your child needs a challenge, write numbers to 100.
  • Addition/Subtraction flashcards - If your child struggles, separate addition and subtraction cards. If your child needs a challenge, mix addition/subtraction cards.

Extra practice sheets and activities are being sent home with the packets. Stay safe and look for more information to come through email.