Welcome to Kindergarten!

In reading this week, we learned the new letter sound Pp and sight word "to"! Please cut out the Pp letter/picture card and practice tap-sound-blending the following words - at, pat, cat, sat, mat, am, Pam, Cam, Sam, Tam, tap cap, sap. Don't forget to add our new word "to" to your envelope - Kindergartners now have 8 words! We are using our sight words and sounds to write sentences! Kindergartners are adding adjectives (describing words) to their writing, to make a good sentence into a better sentence! Encourage your child to add an adjective to this week's sentence in the poetry journals!

In math we are working in Chapter 7, Modeling, Counting & Writing Numbers 1-19. Teen numbers are difficult for some children, so if you find your child struggling, use those flashcards that were sent home. You can order them, play Top-It or Monster Squeeze (your child should be able to show you how), and play a guessing game (which number is missing). We also sent home flashcards 25-50. Students are expected to be able to count, recognize & print numbers 1-50 for the next report card!

Our theme this week is The Gingerbread Man! Kindergartners heard different versions of the story to compare and contrast. We guessed and tested what happened to a gingerbread man if he gets wet - ask your child what happens! Kindergartners practiced skills such as sequencing characters, identifying story elements (character, setting, problem, solution) and rhyming!