Welcome to Kindergarten!

If you need to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate!

Mrs. Abad- aabad@northcollinscsd.org or call 337-0166 ext. 2109

Mrs. Wolf-twolf@northcollinscsd.org or call 337-0166 ext. 2111

Ms. Quinlivan (sub for Mrs. Suranyi) kquinlivan@northcollinscsd.org or call 337-0166 ext. 2119

This week in reading we learned the letter sound Ff and are now tap-sound-blending in our decodable readers! At first, your child may have difficulty in decoding words by tap-sound-blending. If they do, take out those letter/picture flashcards we sent home and practice tap-sound-blending together the words in the readers. This week we practiced fan & fat. If your child is really decoding, try challenging them with words like flap and fast! Eventually your child will be able to tap-sound-blend without the pictures clues. We also learned two First Grade Sight Words - what & you! These are words that are introduced in Kindergarten, then reintroduced in First Grade as sight words. They are in our Kindergarten readers, but are not required sight words. If your child knows all of their Kindergarten sight words (I, like, the, and, see, we, a, to), then feel free to add the First Grade words. If your child is having difficulty remembering the Kindergarten words, then save the first grade words to practice over the summer!

In math this week we finished in Chapter 5, Addition! Kindergarten state standards require students to be able to add within 5. We have sent home flashcards to practice. Please cut out the flashcards, help your child to write the answers on the back and practice! We are also working on counting, recognizing and printing numbers 1-50 for our 2nd quarter report cards, which we are sending home January 31st. Next week we will work in Chapter 6, subtraction and learn numbers to 75!

Important Dates

January 31st - report cards sent home, conferences if needed

February 17-21- no school- Mid Winter Recess