Welcome to Kindergarten!

This week in reading, we reviewed letter sounds and sight words learned so far! Please keep practicing the sight words, as Kindergartners tend to lose what they do not consistently practice. We also worked on writing exclamation sentences, classifying & categorizing seasons, identifying text & graphic features, sequencing and summarizing!

This week in math, we assessed Measurement in Chapter 11, and started Graphing and Data in Chapter 12! Please continue practicing number, addition and subtraction flashcards for final report cards!

Our theme this week was Sunflowers! Kinders heard stories such as The Sunflower House and wrote what they would do in their own sunflower house! We traced their stem and leaf bodies, and added their flower heads in the hallway - stop by and see our sunflowers! We also planted sunflower seeds, and created a sunflower life cycle.

No Poetry Journal this weekend!

Happy Memorial Day!