Welcome to Kindergarten!

Goodbye to Kindergarten!

This year the children learned so much! They learned the letter sounds (beginning, middle vowel, ending), some spelling rules, digraphs & blends. Additionally, they learned how to blend those sounds to make words, how to string words to make complete sentences, and how to use conventions (capitals, punctuation, spacing) to make sentences legible. Kindergartners are now able to create writing pieces, such as narratives, opinions & informational pieces. The children now have a repertoire of sight words, including color, number and shape words, as well as 34 commonly used words. The students' reading and writing took on new dimensions as nouns, verbs, and adjectives were introduced, identified and used. The Kindergartners learned to read books, using letter sounds, sight words, and context (picture) clues to comprehend what they read. Knowledge and appreciation of story elements such as characters, main idea, setting and plot were built throughout the year. Furthermore, they learned how to sequence and write stories with a beginning, middle and end. Most importantly, the children learned that reading & writing are enjoyable and they were given the tools necessary to be literate and love it!

This year the children learned many math skills! It is always amazing to hear them count, see them recognize, and watch them print numbers to 100! Most of the students met this goal, demonstrating a deep number sense! The students are able to count backward from 22, and skip count by 10 past 100. Geometric knowledge was built as the children learned the names of strange shapes - hexagon, cube, cylinder, sphere and cone to name a few. The Kindergartners learned how to build and interpret a graph, how to group objects by their attributes, estimate how many objects are in a group, and count larger numbers of objects. We learned how to measure with a ruler, weigh on a balance scale, and use measuring cups and spoons. Kindergartners also learned how to tell time to the hour & identify coins. Most importantly, the children learned how to add and subtract from 5, which will be a foundation for further math facts in first grade. Most rewarding was that students learned math is more than numbers; it is a part of the world around them!

This year we had some amazing field trips! In the fall we went to Awald's pumpkin farm to learn about pumpkins! We got to bring a pumpkin back to complete pumpkin reports and decorate for Halloween! In the spring we went to the Hamburg Fairgrounds Agricultural Discovery Center to learn about "Dairyā€¯!

We want to thank all the parents who supported us throughout the year. Many parents participated in events such as Meet the Teacher, Open House, Pumpkin Farm, Hamburg Discovery Center, Mother's Day Tea, Field Day, PTA math, reading, fitness and movie nights. Without your support, our endeavors would not be possible and successful on so many levels. So thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Have a safe and happy summer!