Welcome to Kindergarten!

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This week in reading we learned the letter sound Pp and sight word to! To help your child at home, you can cut out the letter/picture card Pp and practice tap-sound-blending words such as at, pat,cat, sat, mat, cap, sap, tap, map, mats, caps, maps, taps! You can add the sight word card to to your envelope and practice the sight words. You can use the sight words and a magazine picture to make a sentence! You can also find things that begin or end with Pp in magazines.The possibilities are endless! We also learned more about adjectives this week! Adjectives are words that describe a noun, such as a number, color or size word. We learned that we can make a good sentence into a great sentence by adding an adjective!

In math this week we are working in Chapter 7, Representing, Counting, and Writing Numbers 11-19. Teen numbers can be difficult for some children to learn! In addition to the workbook pages, we are completing ways to make a teen number daily. In this activity, we choose a teen number to explore! Students count using a tens frame, they trace the number and number words, they make the number using tens and ones, and they draw and tally the number. They also find the number that is one greater and one less than the target teen. This will help create a deeper understanding of the number concept, rather than just memorizing the number. If your child is having difficulty with numbers, keep practicing the number flashcards 1-25 that were sent home in the fall. If your child is ready to move on, flashcards 26-50 were sent home last week!

Our Theme this week was The Gingerbread Man ! Kinders listened to different versions of the story and disguised, then wrote about their cookie! We sequenced the events and story elements, such as characters, setting, problem and solution of the tale. We made gingerbread cookies, bit a piece and graphed which part most of us bit! Ask your child to tell you the story of The Gingerbread Man!

Important Dates

December 23-January 1- no school, Winter Recess