These courses offer students an opportunity to branch out and explore different subject areas and advance in others.

In addition to our currently available non-college course electives, starting next school year (2022-2023), we will also be offering students an opportunity to enroll course electives from ECC and Hilbert for which they will receive official college credit!

These electives will be taught right here in the high school by our teachers who work collaboratively with ECC and Hilbert faculty. The course curriculum, course syllabus, selection of textbooks, assessment strategies, and the credentials of the high school faculty teaching the course are reviewed and approved by the faculty from the appropriate Academic Department of both colleges.

Academic advantages for students include the opportunity to earn college transcript credit while in high school and have the experience of working to college standards prior to graduating from high school.

Cost for College Courses

Grant funding is in place for all college based electives . . . there is no cost to students❗