8th grade Middle East project

Yuhas Class Project Documents

Middle East Topic Proposal 2018

topic proposal

Complete this proposal before beginning your research.

Middle East Inquiry Rubric


Make sure to compare your finished work to the rubric, and check everything off your to-do list before turning in.

Middle East Graphic Organizer (Example)

Sample organizer

Refer to this document for help completing your copy.

Garside Class Project Documents


Databases are subscription resources that allow users to search for information within magazines, newspapers, academic journals, and other sources that may not be available for free on the web. Everything you find in a database has been vetted, so you know it's a reliable source. (It still might not be current or relevant, though - that part is up to you!)

If you need the usernames and passwords for our databases, stop by the library and pick up a bookmark, or ask Ms. Greene or Mrs. Niswonger. If you are logged into your nb28student Google account, you can click here to access the password list (teachers/staff click here)

Username: s8974144

Ask Ms. Greene for the password to this database.

Digital Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias are great for getting a basic introduction to a topic. Use them to learn the basics before moving on to a more in-depth source. You will need a password to access these resources.



Use MyBib for easy Works Cited creation and export. When you finish, export your completed works cited to Google Drive.