Welcome to the North Andover Middle School Related Arts home page.

Each trimester you will have four related arts classes.

For the 2022-2023 school year, you will have a pair of related arts classes and then switch to two new classes every six weeks.

RA Class Pages

Acting (Ms. Liacos)

Art (Ms. Iarrobino and Ms. Tomkins)

Band (Mr. Ignos and Mr. Nelson)

Chorus (Ms. Liacos)

Cultures (Senora Crowell and Mr. Griseto)

Digital Literacy (Mr. Sturtevant)

Fitness and Wellness (Mr. Abel and Ms. Blaney)

Health and Nutrition (Mrs. Antaya)

Physical Education (Ms. Pino and Mr. Wood)

RA Supply List

All Related Arts (except PE/Wellness)-

  • 2 pocket folder for each RA

  • writing utensil

  • Pencil case (marker set, highlighter, colored pencil set, glue stick, scissors, ruler, pencil sharpener)

  • watercolor set (art only)


  • writing utensil

  • Sneakers

  • hat, gloves and jacket for cold weather days


  • Instrument

  • music book

  • writing utensil