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Vol. 1 - Issue 3

December 2017

School Days 58-73

Principal's Message

Still smiling after all these years! :)

Hey Hey Hey Franklin Families!

We certainly had a wonderful November last month. Lots of incredible things happening in such a short month!

We celebrated Veteran's Day, held Parent/Teacher Conferences and even had a short break in there to spend some time with family and friends.

I am always extra grateful over these holiday months and that is in great part due to the amazing faculty and staff we are lucky to have in our building. This group of people comes in every day, with their own lives outside of the doors, and they push that all away to give 110% of themselves to the group of little bodies looking to them for a variety of different things. They take on new curricula, face adversity, and make each child feel as though they are the only student in the room, and somehow they still have time to collaborate, laugh, and be a second family to each other. They are an inspiration to me each and every day, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing pool of educators.

The students are another piece of the puzzle. The bright smiles they walk into our building with each morning, the high-fives, the hellos, the jokes, and the leaves (you'd be surprised how many "presents" of leaves I get every morning) :) all make it worth it. Now, I may paint a picture often that it's all rainbows and butterflies in the happiest school on Earth (which is an accurate statement!!), but don't be mistaken, there are challenges each day that these children face. The strength and fortitude that the students display on a daily basis to persevere when they are struggling to think of topics to write about, decipher a challenging poem, learn how to make a tape diagram, or stay focused when they have had a rough morning is what enables them to learn and grow. I am thankful to be able to be in the presence of such a strong group of children.

Finally, you! Without a strong parent-school connection, a school cannot thrive. And believe me - we THRIVE! As your voice, the PTO brings aid to the teachers and students in order to make our learning environment the best it can be. Through all of our community events that you always make so well-attended, we build upon the mutual trust and respect that is necessary now more than ever. Again, there are challenges each day, but the support the teachers and I feel from our parent community helps our own confidence in making the best decisions for your students' learning, for which I am thankful.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Mr. Clarke

Calendar of Events for the Franklin School

Duly Noted...

  • PTO Meeting - 12/12 (9:00 am)
  • Early Releases - 12/13
  • 4th Grade Field Trip - 12/15
  • Fancy Friday -12/22
  • Half Day (11:50 dismissal) - 12/22
  • No School - 12/25-1/1

Teaching and Learning

We are blessed with an incredible teaching staff. For years they have been making a positive impact on all of their students through their relationships with their students and the instruction, including our RAISE values, they deliver on a daily basis.

There were a lot of opportunities for RAISE instruction at this point of the year, including our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive to help families in need. The community, once again, banded together and donated an incredible amount of food. Thanks to Jackie White and the PTO for organizing such an important drive.

On December 15th, the first trimester's report card will be going home for grades 1-5 (K comes home in Feb.). Remember, we use a standards-based grading system, which allows us to see where our students are performing based on the end-of-year standards. For example, a reading comprehension grade in Trimester 1 depicts how well the student can comprehend a text on the standard they are expected to achieve at the end of the year. The hope is to see growth over time as your child progresses through the school year. Please don't try to correlate our 1,2,3,4 achievement levels to A,B,C,D grades because it's truly apples and oranges. A "4" does not equal an "A" and a "2" does not equal a "C".

Speaking as a former teacher, I cannot express enough how a "2" at this point of the year is a perfectly acceptable grade because it shows that they are working and progressing towards the end of the year's benchmark.


One of the many great things about the Franklin School is our devotion to our RAISE values. We focus on each value of RAISE every day, but November really shined through one the "S" for Service.

We had our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive going on this past month, and the Franklin Community didn't disappoint. What a tremendous amount of food items we collected to help support families in need during the Holiday Season. Way to go, Dragons!

We also held our annual Veteran's Day Assembly honoring the brave men and women who serve our country. We are very fortunate to have members of our NAPD and NAFD who are also veterans come in to meet with the students. Our students sing songs, ask questions, and read essays about what Veteran's Day means to them. It's a highlight of the year, for sure!

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