6 C Supply List for 2019-2020

3 separate 3 ring binders (1 for M, Sci, SS)

1- 50 sheet composition notebook

1 inch rings are best 5 sheet protectors

1 folder for LA

16 “write on” tabbed dividers

pencils* colored pencils

glue stick*


pencil top erasers* 4 folders for Related Arts

2-pocket OR accordion HW folder silent reading book/E reader

pencil case 100 index cards

inexpensive earbuds tissues* (2 boxes PLEASE)

Clorox wipes* (2 containers PLEASE)

*As a team, we use a lot of these supplies in the classroom. If you are able to bring in any extras to donate at the beginning of the school year, we would appreciate it.

** Students can also purchase a lock for $6.50 on the first day of school.

6C Move Slides 2019