Bracket 1: March 11 - 15 (Kick-off)

Submission Due: March 15 (Tues)

Bracket 2: March 16 - 20 (First Four)

Submission Due: March 20 (Sun)

Bracket 3: March 18 - 22 (32 Teams)

Submission Due: March 22 (Tues)

Bracket 4: March 23 -27 (Sweet 16)

Submission Due: March 27 (Sun)

Bracket 5: March 25 - 29 (Elite 8)

Submission Due: March 29 (Tues)

Bracket 6: March 30 - April 3 (The Final Four)

Submission Due: April 3 (Sun)

Bracket 7: April 1 - 5 (Championship)

Submission Due: April 5 (Tues)

How Does it Work?

For each Bracket of the tournament, there is a specific tech-y task to complete. Each task introduces you to a tech tool that you can incorporate into your classroom for teaching and learning. If you already use the tool selected for a particular Bracket, just use it some more or use it in a different way.

How Long is Each Bracket Open?

Each Bracket, or round, of the tournament is open for 5 days. On the 5th day, submissions are due by 11:59 pm. Brackets do overlap each week.

Do I have to do Them All?

Nope! This is completely voluntary. You can pick and choose which to complete or do them all. Try what you can and something that interests you. (Though, if you don't try it, you won't know if you like it.)

Who Can Participate?

Everyone! Go solo or get your teammates involved. The goal is to get you trying new things, using tech that you haven't used before, or using tech in a new way. We would love it if you post anything on social media to tag it with #techmadnessNA so we can share the great work you're doing.

What Can I Get for Participating?


Individual Prizes: For each task (Bracket) you complete, your name is entered into a raffle for that bracket. There is no form to fill out for individual play. Your bracket submissions will be your entry.

7 tasks = 7 possible times you can win!!!

Team Prizes: For the championship, the team with the most entries total for the entire tournament gets a team prize. Teams should be comprised of 5 people. By March 10th, fill out this Google Form to enter your Team. Only one entry per team is needed.