Technical Theatre & Set Construction

Set Construction

We work on Set Construction every Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday after school. There are no set commitments; show up and work when you can! We build sets, hang lights, run cables, record sounds, hang scenery and drops - learning and having fun the whole time. We welcome all who are willing to learn and work hard as a team.

Have any questions? Contact Josh Tipsword or Tom Goodall

Running Crew

Running crew are the people behind the scenes that make it all happen. From setting a table to pulling in curtains, and even turning on and off the lights, there is someone who is there to do that job. Interested in becoming a crew member? Contact Josh Tipsword or Tom Goodall

Thespian Festival | Tech Challenge

2019 Tech Challenge Team - 3rd Place Overall

Team: Elena kook, Eliot Marrow, Kara Rohlf, Ethan Jost, Kate Jost, Dugan Kohnlein

2019 Tech Challenge - Senior Team

Team: Nicole Blodig, Molly Burgmeier, Mikayla Carlton, Maia Gover, Aubrey Kurt

Individual Wins:


Leg a Platform - Ethan Jost & Kara Rohlf

What is the Tech Challenge?

Tech Challenge is a series of events that are designed to test knowledge of basic theatre technician skills. The combination of team and individual events underline the principle that theatre technicians do not work alone; rather an ensemble working together to accomplish given tasks makes the production successful. Each troupe has the opportunity to register TWO Tech Challenge teams at Iowa Thespian Festival with up to 7 members. Each event will be scored, and the winning Tech Challenge team will receive a special prize.