Social Studies

Ms. Peteck

Welcome Back Lions!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to another great school year! I am very happy to welcome your child to Social Studies. I am looking forward to an exciting and rigorous school year. In order to make this year as productive as possible, I have developed routines and procedures. This will facilitate the home-school connection, and help you monitor your child’s progress. I have found them very helpful in the past as far as keeping parents informed and ensuring student success.

All of my procedures, classroom schedules, and other helpful information are located on my webpage to help you along the way. I recommend daily visits to the webpage so you know what is coming up throughout the school year. It is also highly recommended that you examine the C3 Frameworks and the Common Core Standards to which your child’s curriculum will be aligned.

I will be using Google Classroom for assignments and other classroom activities. It is a SAFE environment to communicate in an educational way. Students will sign up with me during classroom introductions using their Chromebooks. Kindly remember to review school policy with regards to computer usage.

Another way to monitor your child’s progress it to sign up for Powerschool Parent Portal. Parent Portal allows you to access up-to-date grades for your child. It is highly recommended so that there are no surprises throughout the year.

All of the above can be accessed through the Norridge District 80 website. I would encourage you to contact me if any questions or concerns should arise throughout the year. As we all work together, your child can achieve the best possible education.

Thank you,

Ms. Annamarie Peteck

5th and 6th Grade Social Studies

Ideas in Action

Startup letters and expectations packet 2017-2018.doc.pdf

Below is a link to my Curriculum Night Presentation

Curriculum night - Social Studies