We All Smile in

the Same Language!

Hello and Welcome! My name is Mrs. Karanikolas.

I am Leigh School's English Language Teacher and offer language support to students in Grades K-4. I have been working in our District 80 Schools for 18 years. I work with bilingual children, English Language Learners, and newcomers, as they transition their lives in America, and here in the Norridge Community.

I work diligently with classroom teachers in all grades, during our collaborative grade level meetings. Together we find strategies and offer each other suggestions, that best support our students' needs, analyze assessment data, & plan appropriately to support our students in the classrooms.

My native language and cultural background is Greek. I am also a bilingual student. I have immigrant parents that have resided here in the United States, my entire life. I have empathy for families who are assimilating to our country, learning the language and norms of our American culture. I understand the families who are cultivating their ethnic roots by teaching their children their native tongue and sending them to bilingual schools. I am also a parent of two young children, & together with my husband, support our Greek heritage.

If you have any questions about our school, or the support your chlld is receiving, please feel free to contact me. I am open to meeting with you and helping make your child's school experience, a positive and memorable one. If you would like to get in touch with other families of similar linguistic backgrounds, let me know and I will seek out those who have expressed an interest.

Best wishes for a great school year!

708-456-8848 ext. 211