Welcome to 5th Grade ELA

We are going to have a wonderful year ahead filled with reading great literature! I am so pleased to be joining the fifth grade team this year at Giles School. I have been a teacher in Norridge District 80 for 20 years. Throughout these years, I have taught first, second, and fourth grades. I have always been a passionate reader, and look forward to sharing my love for reading and writing with all of the students in my class! Check this website often for important information from class! It will be your ticket to success!

More about Mrs. Quitno:

  • I am a nature lover who enjoys spending time outside. Being Norwegian-American probably has a lot to do with this passion: from having a deep love for animals, to trying to leave a small carbon footprint, my Scandinavian roots shine through my every day life. Be prepared to "read in the wild" aka outside on nice days in class! Nothing is better than the warmth of the sun while reading an amazing book!
  • I am the mother of three children: Finn (6th grade), Carsen (4th grade) and Millie (1st grade). They attend the school my mom attended when she was a little girl!
  • Some of my outside passions include: running, exercising, dancing, hiking, traveling, and yoga.
  • I have a passion for mindfulness and meditation. I love nature and find just thinking about things in nature help me find focus and feel calm! I especially find cardinals and elephants amazing!
  • I LOVE TO READ! My favorite genre is historical fiction, and my favorite book is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Along with you, my goal this school year is to complete my own 40 book challenge!
  • You will hear many stories about my Mini Goldendoodle Piper. She's a cute rascal!