Charlemos con Clemencia

Clemencia Vargas, PhD

Hola, I'm Clemencia and welcome to Charlemos con Clemencia

This is where you can learn Spanish in a fun, relaxed, and conversational way.

In Spanish "charlemos" mean's "let's chat!" I chose this because I use a communicative approach in which the objective is, simply, to be able to communicate - to chat - not pass exams!

After years of professional work as a health care provider, researcher, and university professor I decided to follow my passion for my native language. Today I teach Spanish to adults who want to learn in an environment of fun, friendship, and, of course, hard work!

How Do Classes Work?

  • Small group classes for adults

  • Between 6 and 10 students

  • Level from true beginner to high intermediate

What Do You Need?

  • All classes meet online via Zoom

  • Computer or tablet (no Smartphones)

  • Internet connection

  • Email address

When Do Classes Meet?

  • 12 week sessions

  • 90 minute weekly classes

  • Fun weekly practice sessions with games, too!

What Does It Cost?

  • $85 per 12-week session per person (for 1 class)

  • Payment by Paypal or personal check

For inquiries, email