Em Heppler Notes

You can find my personal website at EmHeppler.com

2017 Update: I'm transitioning into a new role. This site will be changing . Things will be changing.

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Everything below this point is likely to change as I transition into my new role.

About this page

This page houses some of my ongoing musings. Most of my work only goes public when it's ready to launch, but I thought making these particular notes available could lead to people reaching out if they could use support on initiatives.

Recent side projects

Latest major project

Major projects

These are large initiatives that I dedicate most of my free energy to and usually take at least a year to produce something new and solid.

Pro bono work

This is work that I'm just helping with but I have no role in the long term direction of the project/organization.

Side projects

These are smaller projects that take less time and are often either pivots from other projects I've worked on, or an area I'm interested in pursuing.

Current major project

Improving support systems for prospective and new vegetarians and vegans. I've been plugging away to launch this at NewVeg.org in order to provide a model for larger animal protection organizations to incorporate support systems into their outreach initiatives and campaigns.

Upcoming pro bono

  • Website for Niagara Action for Animals
  • Support for a new animal law Podcast
  • Developing Humane Voters Canada

Upcoming side projects

  • Support for vegan students
  • Improving animal protection conferences
  • Tapping crowd/hive intelligence to better prioritize research topics relevant to the animal protection movement

Connect with me

If you need help on an initiative, email me at Em@non-profit.work.

Productivity Tools

Google Calendar Appointment Slots - There is a how to here.