Nodaway-Holt Mathematics

At Nodaway-Holt...

We believe that everyone is a mathematician.

We believe that success in math depends more on EFFORT than talent, and a growth mindset makes a HUGE difference.

We believe that students learn best when they begin with hands-on experiences (concrete), move their understanding to pictures (pictorial), and then understand a problem as equations, procedures, formulas, etc. (abstract). If students move too quickly through these stages of understanding, they tend to struggle with abstract math.

Employers are looking for individuals who can not only do math, but who can problem-solve independently and cooperatively. For this reason, we incorporate The Mathematical Practices into each lesson. These are practices that all successful people do. As part of these practices, we encourage students to work a part of the math lesson in "The Fun Zone." These are small groups or partners who discuss methods, ask questions and coach. We find that we are stronger mathematicians when we all work together to make sure every student in the room understands.

Every student at Nodaway-Holt has the benefit of 2 math teachers. They have their amazing classroom teacher, but they also have Mrs. Komorech, a certified Elementary Math Specialist. We work hard to provide your students with all the resources and challenges they need to become life-long problem solvers.


Below is a list of websites that have activities and games for multiple grades:

Adapted Mind (reading and math for grades 1-6, you'll need to create a free account)

Khan Academy (you'll need to create a free account, if your students don't already have one from school).

Think Central (the online website for Nodaway-Holt Elementary's math curriculum, Math Expressions. Your student's account will be their first name and last initial (or their first and last as one word if their first name is short), their password will be Trojans and their graduation year.

Ex: Robert Ricardo's (6th grader) username is robertr and his password is Trojans24

Suzi Salamander's (4th grade) username is suzisalamander and her password will be Trojans26.

Prodigy Math (You'll need to create a free account)