6th Grade

Google Classroom

Most writing assignments are assigned from this platform.

This is also where I keep a ton of resources! Looking for a copy of the textbook/packet? How about homework assignments? There's a good chance we have a digital copy in our Google Classroom. Each student will need to log in to their Google Account (

The Class Google Drive is under the "Classwork" tab. This is where many of the resources are located.


Important & Useful Websites

ConnectED The online website for our reading, writing, and spelling curriculum, Wonders.

Khan Academy This is a great way to keep up with skills and learn new concepts.

Typing Club . Practice those typing skills!

Scholastic Book Clubs Order Books Online! Use code TKWTG.

Kahoot A fun way for us to learn!


At Nodaway-Holt...

We believe that everyone is a learner.

We believe that success in learning depends more on EFFORT than talent,

and a growth mindset makes a HUGE difference.

Employers are looking for individuals who can not only read, write, and do math, but who can problem-solve independently and cooperatively. For this reason, we incorporate The Life Practices into each lesson. These are practices that all successful people do. As part of these practices, we encourage students to work a part of the lesson in "The Fun Zone." These are small groups or partners who discuss methods, ask questions and coach. We find that we are stronger learners when we all work together to make sure every student in the room understands.