Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use NCS music in my videos on YouTube or Twitch?

  • Yes - all we ask is that you credit the Artist and song(s) used in the description of your video/livestream.
  • NCS music is free to use for independent creators and their UGC (User Generated Content)

Can I monetise my video if I've used NCS music?

  • Yes - but make sure you follow the guidelines in the NCS usage policy.

How do I credit the song(s) I use properly?

  • Simply copy and paste the credit section from the description of our video. - See the example on the right/below.
  • If there is not one to copy, please put a link to our upload in your description.
  • If you are using our music on Twitch Stream or YouTube Stream, simply put " Music provided by " in your stream description.

Will I get a copyright claim or strike if I use an NCS track in my YouTube video?

  • No - If you’re an Independent Creator, Gamer or Vlogger and follow our usage policy, then all NCS tracks are free to use across YouTube & Twitch.

I received a copyright claim when using your music!

  • If you believe you have received a claim and shouldn't have, this may be a fraudulent claim. Please let us know of these here on our Fraudulent Claims Form and we will investigate.

Can I use an NCS track on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter?

  • Yes, but we can’t guarantee you won’t receive a copyright claim at this point. We’re talking to both of these platforms regarding their Content ID systems for music, and how we can replicate our YouTube model on each service.

Can I use an NCS track in a promotional video for my Product / Service / Commercial brand?

  • NCS tracks used in commercial content (content that solely promotes or advertises a Product or Service) requires a Commercial License Agreement to be signed and a License fee to be paid before an NCS track can be used in this way. Without a fully signed commercial license agreement your content is at risk of receiving a Copyright Strike.
  • To request a Commercial License, please apply here: NCS Commercial License Form

Can I post NCS tracks to my Music Channel?

  • NCS primarily supports Independent Creators, whether Vlogger, Gamer, Make-Up Artist or any other creative content. Channels primarily re-uploading our original video are likely to receive a copyright claim and/or de-monetisation in the near future.

Can I use NCS music in my independent video game?

  • Regardless of whether your game is free to download, use of our releases in video games is considered to be a commercial use. A Commercial License Agreement will need to be signed between NCS and Game Developer / Publisher.
  • To request a Commercial License, please apply here: NCS Commercial License Form

Can I distribute or commercially re-release your music or a remix/cover of an NCS song, without licensing the use of the track?

  • No - Just like any record label, NCS owns the copyright to our releases and specific permission is required.
  • You are not permitted to distribute our music to any stores like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc.

Is it possible to play NCS music on my livestream?

  • If this is a livestream of yourself as an independent creator, NCS releases can be used as background music in line with our usage policy.
  • If this livestream has the sole purpose of playing music and/or you have used the NCS name in the title or logo on the video your stream, this is a breach of our trademark and you will be asked to re-title or remove your stream.
    • Our trademarks are: NCS, NoCopyrightSounds & No Copyright Sounds.

I am making a video/presentation as part of my education, can I use NCS music without a license?

  • Yes, as this would fall under our usage policy - you count as an independent creator and there is no commercial gain from this usage.

Will you listen to my demo?

  • Please send any demo submissions to:
  • Due to the amount of demos we receive, we cannot guarantee a reply every time. Don't be discouraged from sending us new music if you don't receive a response!