7th Grade CS / Robotics

Opening Day!!

We start with this video, a discussion about Computer Science, then explore the BBC micro:bit, breadboard, and online simulator.

Experiment 1: Say, "Hello," to the BBC micro:bit!

~ learn how to create and display an image on the LED matrix using the Microsoft Block Editor

~ learn how to use the 'Show String' command

~ learn how to use buttons as inputs

~ compile and upload a .hex file to the BBC micro:bit

Experiment 2: Using an LDR and analog input

~ learn to use a Light Dependent Resistor as a sensor

~ perform an analog reading from the LDR via input pin P0

~ set a light threshold to display a 'sun' or 'moon' on the LED matrix

Experiment 3: Dimming an LED Using a Potentiometer

-- learn to use a push switch to turn an external LED 'on'

-- use a potentiometer as a potential divider

-- read the analog voltage from a potentiometer and use it to set the brightness of the external LED

Experiment 4: Using a transistor to drive a motor

-- use a transistor to drive a fan motor

-- control the speed of the motor using Pulse Width Modulation [PWM]

The output pins on a microprocessor can only supply a small amount of current. A transistor is like a gateway for electricity. A small amount of current can be used to open the gate to let current flow through to power hungry components. By changing the percentage of time that the transistor spends on [the duty cycle], the speed of the motor is controlled.

Start EV3 Robotics!

In week 3, students begin EV3 Robotics.

The student pairs are assigned, then the teams explore the pieces in their kits. After learning how to name their brick, students familiarize themselves with the EV3 app, which connects to the brick via bluetooth, and write their first programs:

program the large motor

program a sound

program the touch sensor

Build a Robot

Students use the EV3 Robot Tutorials to build their first robot. They are challenged to program a variety of robot behaviors. The first challenge is a curved turn. Mia captured some awesome images of the students working, and made a short video.

Build Robot

Understand the Behavior

Test and Modify

(robot OR program)

Student Challenge List

from Carnegie Mellon EV3 Robotics Curriculum

Day 7 Video

videographer - Mia K.

Day 8 Video

by Hope


Touch Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor

Color Sensor


Wait For

Move Until


Week 5

Students start independent projects.

Video by Brenna

Conditional Reasoning

Repeated Decisions

Line Following

Week 6

Finish and Test Independent Projects

Weeks 8 & 9 - CUE Robotics


Events & Sensors

Cue Challenges

Cue Games