NNJCA is a non-profit organization founded in 1956. This organization is the largest and most resourced Chinese association in the norther region of New Jersey. The organization is open to the public and welcome everyone who is interested and appreciative of Chinese culture. There is also a comprehensive language program that provides a well-rounded curriculum in the speaking and writing of Chinese.

The organization also provides many extra-curricular activities besides the Chinese school languages courses, such as culture classes, recreational activities, and various charitable functions. These programs are open to the public as well.

NNJCA performs many social services each year to help those that are less fortunate in the community. These activities includes volunteer and charitable work at homeless shelters, senior citizen resident homes, and other cultural organizations what may need help and sponsorship. It has a charitable statue of State of New Jersey. It also recognized as social service partner by the United Way organization.

新州北部美華聯誼會首創於1956年, 是新澤西州的最大華人社團之一. 而本會所屬的北新中文學校, 更是享譽新澤西州北部. 一路走來, 篳路藍縷, 群策群力而達到現在的規模. 本會是聯邦政府立案之非營利機構. 也是United Way認可的社會服務單位. 以推廣中華文化及華語教學為主要任務. 提供會員子弟與社區人士一個接觸傳統中華文化的學園與社團活動場所. 除了北新中文學校提供中華文化與華文等教育性的活動之外,聯誼會並有華音青少年合唱團, 真善美成人合唱團, 百靈鳥青少年藝術團與獎學金委員會等服務與育才性質的社團. 本會經常舉辦各項知識性與聯誼性的活動, 歡迎各界人士加入本會共襄盛舉.

Latest Update

  • NNJCA Chinese School will go online between September 12, 2021 and June 5, 2022. All NNJCA Outdoor activities will be suspended as well.

  • 今年北新中文學校將維持線上教學至2022年六月五號. 美華聯誼會週末成人戶外活動也將暫停.

  • Welcome all to celebrate New Jersey Double Tenth events on Oct. 3, 2021 at Holmdel High School.

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