Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology

Marine Biology

Welcome to Mrs. Taylor's Science Site. Here you will find the notes, hand-outs, information and other resources for class.

Mrs. Taylor's Classroom Policies:

  • Safety Contracts MUST be signed by parents & returned as soon as possible. Contracts can be found in the NNPS Rights & Responsibilities Hand-book. In order for students to conduct labs, the safety contract must be returned signed.
  • Absence Policy - if a student has an UNEXCUSED absence, make up work will NOT be given. Unless the absence is excused by Ms. Cobb in the main office, students will not be allowed to make up work. All absences must have a note brought to Ms. Cobb within 5 days from the return of an absence.
  • Late Work Policy - Unless otherwise noted, late work will be penalized 10 points off EACH DAY late. Homework quizzes for Marine Biology are subject to 20 points off EACH DAY late. Some work will not be accepted late. Teacher will communicate which assignments will not be accepted late when the assignment is given.
  • Cell Phones, Earbuds, Headphones & Other Electronic Devices will NOT be allowed in the classroom. Students caught utilizing these devices will have them confiscated.