Dolphin Science

Tues. 13 Nov. 2018


-Turn-in abstracts

-Essential Questions:

#3. What evidence supports evolution?

#4. Name & Describe the Rates of Change.

# 5. Explain the difference between phenotype & genotype. How could you recognize each?

-Bird Beak Lab completion


Bibliographies - research from science project sources- due 19 Nov

REMINDER - test - Unit 4 - mostly ch. 9, but must know heredity material - accumulated from U-3

Monday 12 Nov. 2018 - Happy Veterans Day - Thanks to you who served


Essential Questions

#1. What are the factors that cause diversity in a specie?

#2. Factors that affect natural selection are (The verb ARE infers plural - more than one answer.)i:

Bird Beak lab -over time the seed the bird ate was no longer available. He/she had to learn to eat a new type of food. Over the class period the bird's beak will change and the student will witness the adaption of the beak to the new type of food.


Abstracts due tomorrow

Ch. 9 voc. (10 words) late after tomorrow)

Friday 9 Nov. 2018


Finish vocabulary tour of Ch. 9 - then Power Point of fossils & archaeological digs

Write - Ch. 9 voc. in Cornell

Last day to turn lab report in for full credit


Finish voc. not finished in class

Ch. 9 test - 15 Nov.

Finish abstract

Thursday 8 Nov. 2018


Ch. 9 Changes over time - adaptation of species to meet their needs of survival


Continue to work on abstract



Germination Lab on computer

Lab report due no later than (NLT) Thurs. morning before homeroom


Students were assigned the abstract (11-5) to their science Power Point project they presented last month. Due 13 Nov.

Students have been given time in English to type, but it may not be finished in the time allotted, so they will have to finish at home using Google classroom.

Thursday 1 Nov. 2018

Review roundup for test prep for tomorrow


Study for exam Friday - Use summary topic sheet as a guide - Do not waste time focusing your study time on what you already know. Just review it quickly and move on to material you feel less comfortable with.

Wed. 31 Oct. 2018

Vocabulary check - Heredity - all

End of Oral Project Presentations

Mod 2 - Gene Practice

Mods 1 & 5 Observing traits - activity

ALL overdue work should be turned in today.


Study for exam Friday - Use summary topic sheet as a guide

Tuesday 30 Oct. 2018


Cell Division quiz - turn in Cell Division graphic organizer prior to the quiz mods 1 & 2

Practice - Punnett square word problems


Know the terms: dominant, recessive, allele, gene, trait, Punnett square, genetics, heredity, hybrid, purebred

Monday 29 Oct. 2018



Practiced identifying Dominant & Recessive genes, phenotypes & genotypes, & How to set up a Punnett square

Cell Division quiz - turn in Cell Division graphic organizer prior to the quiz (Mod 5)


Cell Division quiz - turn in Cell Division graphic organizer prior to the quiz

All overdue work must be turned in by Wed. 10/31 - to include science project presentations

Mrs. Bell is staying Tues. 10/30 to hear project presentations

Friday 26 Oct. 2018


Reinforcement of Cell Division material from yesterday

DVD segment The Amoeba Sisters explain Mitosis

Create a Graphic Organizer to summarize in words & pictures the Cell Cycle


Be able to identify the diagrams of the Stages of the Cell Cycle and phases of Mitosis

I will hear science project presentations through the middle of next week.

Thurs. 25 Oct. 2018


Introduced Cell Division - terms explained - pages 176 - 177 - Cell division map-like diagram completed


Know the 3 Stages of the Cell Cycle (IMC), and the four phases of Mitosis (PMAT) in order of their occurrence

Quiz Tues. Mods 1 & 2 on Cell Division 10-30, Mod 5 Mon. 10-29

Wed. 24 Oct. 2018


Returned handout from basic Cell review - Looking Inside the Cell - organelles and levels of organization

Assigned - The Cell's Environment - review for cell processes

Continued hearing science project presentations


Finish any cell review handouts you have not turned in today

Have all overdue work in by Wed. 10-31

The semester exam is cumulative and will be given on Nov. 2nd

Tues. 23 Oct. 2018


Presentation on science projects

Mod 2 - Looking Inside the cell - handout


Review the Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration equations - know them

Mon. 22 Oct.


Mods 1 & 5 -Starch lab - lab report due NLT 10/23 - Pie Graph Legend - Brown = strong presence of starch, Blue some starch present, Green - no starch

Mod 2 Unit 2 test - Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis, Active & Passive Transport


science projects due tomorrow 10/23

NOTE: Last day to stay after school and use computers for project completion. 23 Oct.

Friday 19 Oct. 2018


Mods 1 & 5 Testing Unit 2

Mod 2

Test Prep

Went over the completion of the Density lab report together


Work on science project due 10/23

Thurs. 18 Oct. 2018


Photosynthesis continued

Cellular Respiration

Test Prep - type of questions, pitfalls to be aware of, phrasing of questions...

Mods 1 & 2 Density Lab completion

Mods 1 & 5 Cell identification - microscopes


Unit 2 test - Mod 1 & 5 Friday 10-19, mod 2 voted for Monday 10-22 {Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis, Active & Passive Transport & scientific investigation

Work on Science project due Tues. 10/23

Wed. 17 Oct. 2018

Review of yesterday's material - Active & Passive Transport

HW check - vocabulary from last night's HW

Demo - Diffusion

Photosynthesis - notes to clarify the equation (loose-leaf) and text book pages distributed (p 159 - 169)


Test Unit 2

Know the Photosynthesis equation and its meaning

Work on science project

Tuesday 16 Oct. 2018


The environment of the cell (pages 144 - 149) - topic Active-Passive transport

p 151 # 6 thorough 10 & p 152 # 12,13, 17, & 18 - Went over answers


Know the terms: Osmosis, Diffusion, Exocytosis & Endocytosis (HW check )

NOTE: Test for Unit 2 Monday 22 Oct

Monday 15 Oct. 2018


Review & Recall how to use Excel - teacher will show you the common mistakes to avoid in Excel - how to copy & paste into a Power Point document

- students will practice entering data & copying & pasting from Excel into a Power Point document


Work on the semester science project. Remember you have to type the Power Point, leave yourself enough time. YOU know the rate at which you type.

NOTE: I will stay after school Tues. 16th & Thurs. 18th if students need to use the computers or have a question. I am not staying to do the physical project at school; it is to be done at home. Students need a permission note to stay, please tell me which mode of transportation they are to take home on the note.

Thurs. 11 Oct. 2018


test - Unit 1

If student owes a material and procedure for their project, they may work on it after the test


Have project materials in your project section of your binder for class tomorrow. Bring jump-drive

Wed. 10 Oct. 2018


HW check- animal cell - identify the organelles by their shape.

Density lab - most groups did not finish, mod 5 finished the hands-on portion, but needed to do the analysis and conclusion at home.


Study for test tomorrow - scientific investigation and cell (to include levels of organization)

Tues. 9 Oct.. 2018


Analysis of a scientific investigation - identifying variables, creating a chart? Can you label the graph axes? Reading a chart & graph.

Identifying cell parts on a diagram


Be able to identify cell organelles by their shape (p 132, 133)

NOTE: Report cards for science and math progress reports are being sent home today.

Mon. 8 Oct. 2018


Check Material and procedure for scientific jargon - edit - turn in

Do the green chart on the top of p 133 - Determine which organelles are only found in plants or only found in animals

Then, do a Venn diagram on the back of the Cell Theory concept map {Plant Organelles only - Organelles Both Cells have - Animal Cells only]

Identify the jobs of the organelles on pages 132 - 133, note the shapes of the organelles - take notice of their shape and location

Distributed pages 129 through 141


Know the jobs of the organelles of the cell

Friday 5 Oct. 2018


Power Point instruction and then type your experimental design info into the program

-- DO NOT use people in the pictures of the science experiment

-- Do not use dark backgrounds for the Power Point presentation

-- DO NOT add cutesy at work - this is science not language arts - stick to the facts - I showed students how to add color to the presentation without adding the cutesy factor

Showed students the mechanics of saving typed information onto a jump-drive. School computers seemed to be more compatible to some jump-drives and not others(If you brought a Jump drive, flash drive,thumb drive to save it onto, do so.)


Material (list) & procedure (step by step - bullet-ed format, no paragraphs) due Monday 8 Oct.

Thurs. 4 Oct. 2018


Mod 1 H/O - - Concept map Cell Theory, on the back do a Venn diagram [ Plant only - Both - Animal only]

Mod 2 -complete pages 132 - 133 text

Mod 5 - complete graphic organizer, add Venn diagram Plant vs animal cell - check HW


Bring Jump drive, flash drive,thumb drive if you have one tomorrow.

Wed.. 3 Oct. 2018


Mod 1 & 2 The Cell Theory

Mod 2 completed a Concept map Cell Theory H/O (pg 122-123)

Mod 5 - graphic organizer - Cell Organelles - self created, 3 columns - Organelle's name - description- definition - diagram


Change on Project Timeline - Materials & procedure due 8 Oct (not 5 Oct.) - experimental designs are still coming in and being edited

Mod 5 - H/O - Concept map Cell Theory

Tuesday 2 Oct. 2018

Mod 1 - Given homeroom time to add finishing touches to lab report.

Mods 1 & 2 Needs and characteristics of living organisms (pages 85 - 93)

Mod 5 The Cell Theory & the organelles of the cell introduction to terms


Know the terms describing the needs and characteristics of living organisms (pages 85 - 93)

We are still working on Experimental Designs for the semester project so the materials and procedure will be moved up from Oct. 5 to Oct. 8. Students may still turn in work early if they prefer.

Monday 1 Oct. 2018

Mod 1 - How to write a lab report

Mod 2 - Touring the the text - finished ch 2

mod 5 - Characteristics of Living Organisms

Distributed pages 19 - 27

Turn in overdue work


Review highlighted vocabulary terms on pages 19 through 27 (19 - 27)

Friday 28 Sept. 2018


Mods 1 & 2 Metric activity

Turn-in any overdue work


If I have returned your experimental design approved, start a draft of your procedure (step by step method of how you are going to do the actual experiment.).

Thurs. 27 Sept. 2018


Mods 1 & 2

Went over Pet Sales Pie Graph HW - students negated to change numbers sold to percents, show work, and graphs were not labeled correctly. I gave students time to correct their work and resubmit it during class.

Text book - metric measurements was the topic for today.

ALL Students were made aware of past due work and given until today to turn it in, but I am cutting off the grades as of today, so they can still turn in work tomorrow.

Mod 5 - Metric Centers activity


If you have not turned in any overdue work, it needs to be in tomorrow for grading.

If you have not turned in an Experimental design - get one in. It was due Wed.

LOOKING AHEAD - We should finish review work about scientific inquiry next week. Estimating Tues. we will take the post assessment on this topic for a quiz grade.

Wed. 26 Sept. 2018


  • Classroom Guidance - half the class

Go Over HW - Pet Sales Pie Graph

Turn in Experimental Design forms


Begin to compose a draft of the procedure you will follow for your project experiment - due next week 5 Oct. - Remember do not use personal pronouns, but do use metric measurements

NOTE: Handout with science project due dates & dates I will be available after school (Students may use school computers for typing, if needed).

25 Sept. 2018


Metric Conversion cm to meters

Highlight Conversion charts p 40,41,42

Scientific Investigation practice analysis - Ester & Insulation

Practice for tonight's homework - Candies sold


Mods 1 & 2 Pet Sales Pie graph - show work on the back

Experimental Design form due tomorrow

Pet Pie Graph.pdf
Sci Inv Gloria Fd Color Mash Potatoes.pdf
Exp Design 2018

Monday 24 Sept. 2018


Textbook Ch 1 - vocabulary highlighted & explained with examples

Mods 2 & 5 practice graphing

Project questions answered


Experimental Design form due Wed., but it will be accepted earlier

Mod 5 - Pet Pie Graph (H/O = handout)

NOTE: All assignments must be in by Thursday to make it into this report card. Grade close out 28 Sept.

21 Sept. 2018


Library - researching 1) What project might you be interested in doing 2) If you have selected a project already, research your topic, e.g., You want to build bridges and test the material for the strength. You would start with a book on bridges or look up bridges in the encyclopedia to start.


Completion of Experimental Design form by 9/26


If students did not find anything they wanted yet, sciencebuddies.com has a interest survey to try to help the student narrow down their area of interest and then supply a list of projects OR if the student knows their area of interest they can place the category in the search bar and obtain a list of projects.

: The first person to get a completed Experimental Design form in for me to asses gets that particular project, so get the form in as soon as you have selected your experiment.

20 Sept. 2018


Type of ball vs. distance lab assessments

Learn how to apply the scientific investigation methods. Use your notes as the reference (the "how to")for the lab.

Bring 3 topics available to research for your science project

NOTE: Friday is the last day to apply to the WE-LEAP program

In Parent Vue the number one (1) means the student was absent.; the work needs to be made up.

19 Sept. 2018


Mod 1 - How to analyze the data and how to write a conclusion

Completed Variable Volley - to show me they understood the 4 variables

Mod 2 - Setting up a data table & graph

Students practiced calculating averages

Mod 5 - application of the scientific method - How to prepare a lab report


No written work - still researching science project topics

NOTE: My homeroom has 2 forms for parents 1) Emergency Data form to be updated. If everything is correct, just sign it at the bottom and return it to school. 2) WE-Leap - an after school enrichment program. If you are not interested, just sign it at the top left so I know you saw it. let's have this finishe.

LOOKING AHEAD - PTA fundraiser & Federal Survey cards are next.

18 Sept. 2018

CW - Mods 1 & 2 got to take the safety quiz - grades are posted

All mods discussed some do s and don'ts for projects, and projects that were unique from bygone days.

Mod 1 learned how a data table should be set up and labeled, as well as a bar graph

Mod 2 finished variable and completed the Variable Volley - those who wanted to take it home and give it an unhurried try were allowed to do so, but they have to remember to turn it in tomorrow

Mod 5 - finished all science investigation notes - These notes will be important all semester as they are the reference tool for lab reports and the science project. Did the Variable Volley handout and turned that in for a grade.


Discuss with parents ideas for science project and the cost involved. A project does not have to cost a lot to be good.

NOTE: My homeroom has 2 forms for parents 1) Emergency Data form to be updated. If everything is correct, just sign it at the bottom and return it to school. 2) WE-Leap - an after school enrichment program. If you are not interested, just sign it at the top left so I know you saw it. Slots are limited, so let's get ours in first.

Lost 4 days to Hurricane Florence

17 Sept. 2018

Mod 1 & any who did not in mods 2 & 5 - Turn in safety illustration

Scientific Investigation - How do you begin? How do you research a problem? What are the 4 variables?


Think about project topics you can eliminate because you have no interest in them at this time. Projects must have an IV & DV, otherwise they are activities.

Mod 5 - know the 4 variables by definition

Seventh Grade Dynamic Dolphin's team

Sept. 10, 2018

ALL took scientific investigation assessment - evaluating what students remembered from previous years

Mod 1 - Illustration for Interpretation - find all unsafe lab practices - all safety rules that are being broken - Needs to finish for HW

Mod 2 - finished Illustration for Interpretation - turn in for grading

Mod 5 - Had the Illustration for Interpretation returned graded. Notes for scientific investigation to use for their project as a guide & for testing purposes.


Safety quiz tomorrow

Think about topics for science projects this year

CW Sept. 7, 2018

Safety notes completed - students now know how to take Cornell notes

Mods 2 & 5 are working on an illustration for interpretation - identifying unsafe lab practices


Housekeeping - A few sill need to get forms signed for science - safety contract - & science rules & procedures

Note: ll students have signed for their text book. It is a workbook text. It will be kept in school and chapters will be placed in their binders as we get to them.

We did a lock down placement practice in all classes (Where to go in the event of a lock down).

Sept. 6, 2018

Town hall Assembly - will cause class periods to be shorter


Housekeeping continued: collected forms given the 1st day

Safety Notes continued

Distributed text books – mod 5 & labeled dividers


Safety Quiz anticipated Mon. 9/10

Sept. 5, 2018


Housekeeping continued: collected forms given the 1st day

Safety continued

Distributed text books – mods 1 & 2

Mod 5 will get their book Thursday


Have a novel with you for class every day.

It is a novel of your choosing.

Bring in 4 dividers so we can tab your binder.

* Don't forget to wear the school colors - blue & gray for the town hall assembly

NOTE: Take the 1 inch binder for social studies and place 1 package of loose-leaf and 4 dividers

4 Sept. 2018

Welcome to Life Science! We have some housekeeping items for tonight's HW.

Safety Contract

Partnership form

Flu vaccine notification - 2 pages - 1 for info, 1 to complete

Science Teacher's rules & procedures

The Rights & Responsibilities Handbook is to stay at home for the parent/guardian to review with the student.

Agendas were provided for students free of charge, for the 1st one. It is important to have the agenda everyday at school.


Part of the Gildersleeve Way (Code of conduct) will be reviewed in the morning the first couple of weeks

Fire Drill exit strategies, Cafeteria procedure will be the same as last year.

8th Grade Mighty Marlins 2017 - 2018

Week of 4 -7 June - The product focus will be STEM -

Aircraft design & flight - designs will be tested on 1) distance of flight 2) duration of flight 3) distance achieved with weight added to the design - chart completion = CW grade

Amusement Park design - 1) HW grade - following group rules & planning 2) Test Grade - Elaborate Park map - showing rides, concessions, pavilions & amenities

Students must incorporate the 6 simple machines in a unique way in their park. Think out of the box!

3) Oral presentation to class next week - CW grade

NOTE: Washington D.C. trip is Friday 6 - 8 -2018

Field Day letters went home 2 days ago - consider donating water, chips, cookies or whatever to feed our youngsters

8th grade final assembly - 14 June - after which you may sign your child out for the summer

Wed. 30 May 2018

Science SOL - a.m

After lunch - students were given an opportunity to catch up on any work they have not turned in from the review week


Thursday = 31 May 2018 Friday 1 June - Speed Lab Part II - continuation of lab with a variance

Speed Lab

Lab report - turned at the end of class

REMINDER - In packet 8th Review (matching ) is a quiz grade (open book)

turn it in if you have not done so

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Science SOL tomorrow 5/30

- After the test, after lunch - students will be given an opportunity to catch up on any work they have not turned in from the review week


Classification systems

Energy Pyramid - food chains & webs

Properties of Water

Acquired vs. Inherited traits

Transverse & Longitudinal wave diagrams

HW -2nd chance - Once again I gave out the Weather Instruments (5/14) sheet - students could do the assignment in class for late credit as a warm up


Look over the 8th grade review booklet for SOL tomorrow

Marlin's Science Matters

Thurs. 24 May 2018 to be finished Friday

Final exam questions 6 & 7th grades - open book - use brown (6)& green (7) books

Thurs. 8th grade review booklets distributed - study anytime there is free time in class and for HW

Friday 25 May 2018

Do the 8th grade review page with the matching - Use the blue book

Mon. 21 May 2018

Cell review

Cell: Theory, Organelles, Division, Environment

Handouts to complete as we review each part of Cell knowledge - turn in for credit

Tues. 22 May 2018 & Wed. 23rd

Use the Life Science text - 7th Grade Voc. Define

p 713 section (sect.) 1 & 2

p 171 sect. 1,2, & 3

p 113 sect. 1 & 2

p 335 sect. 1 & 2

p 405 sect. 1


Do picture pages in the review packet

Starts with Wetlands and goes onto the next page with the cells

Mon. 14 May 2018

Light & Sound - Ch 15 & 17

finishes the wave unit - notes were provided to all students Thurs. 5/9


Unit 7 assessment Tues. 5/15

Handout - Weather instruments

Tues. 15 May 2018

Unit 7 Waves - open book test

turn in HW

Wed & Thurs. 16 & 17 May

Review formally begins - 6th grade topics - weather-wetlands-space

Review packets given to students- word banks provided for matching - research vocabulary as needed to answer questions

-- turn in packet by the end of class

Prep for Team competition on the knowledge of these terms


Find materials your 6th grade teachers told you to hang on to for 8th grade

Note: Report cards went home today. Dress code/permission slips for the 8th grade dance have been distributed. Handout about the Library Novel Swap sent home

Friday 18 May 2018

DVD - Light - reinforcement of concepts

Review Activity - 6th grade materials and Wave Unit

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Know: Properties & Interactions of a wave

Concept map of wave terms will used to apply chapter vocabulary


Be able to label a Transverse & Longitudinal Wave diagram - quiz material - Wed. 5/9

Learn the 4 properties & 4 Interactions of a wave

  • Any overdue work due tomorrow before I do report cards

Wed. 9 May 2018

Test NAV - SOL Prep

Wave Diagram quiz (know the 2 diagrams)


Study Ch 14 ONLY test

Thursday 9 May 2018 Friday - Algebra exam - no classes - Happy Mother's Day - enjoy!

Ch 14 Check for Understanding

-- when completed turn in for grading

Next - The Electromagnetic Spectrum Ch 16

Monday 7 May 2018

Starting the Wave Unit Ch 14 - This is the basic knowledge needed to understand the next 3 chapters

Diagrams - Transverse & Longitudinal Wave - know the names of each part - be able to label a diagram - an SOL favorite

Students who missed Friday's unit 6 test were able to make it up during class today due to the large numbers, however they will need to finish definitions of Ch 14 tonight.


Be able to label a Transverse & Longitudinal Wave diagram - quiz material - Wed. 5/9

wave concept map.pdf

Friday 4 May 2018

Unit 6 test - Magnets & Electricity

Thursday 3 May 2018

Go over HW Ohm's Law calculations

Identify Series & Parallel circuits

Complete review questions / Venn diagram, not finished yesterday

True & False about Magnets


Study for Unit 6 test, ch 18 & 19

Circuit I.D..pdf

Wed. 2 May 2018

Ohm's Law calculations


Compare and contrast - Series vs. Parallel circuits - Venn diagram -

How do you strengthen an electromagnet? Which factors affect the resistance of a conductor?


Handout - Ohm's Law calculations -

OHm's calculations.pdf

Tuesday 1 May 2018

Ch 18 - Series vs. Parallel circuits - know the name of the components, when they will function & cease to function

p 630 - 631 - Label circuit diagram


Finish the assignment, if not finished in class

1. Finish voc. Ch. 19 not completed (or done) on Friday 4/27

2. p 630 - 631 - Label circuit diagram

Monday 30 April 2018

Magnets & Electromagnets Ch 19

Make an Electromagnet


Finish voc. Ch. 19 not completed (or done) on Friday 4/27

NOTE: Science SOL 30 May 2018

Hoping to - Test Ch 18 & 19 Friday 4 May

Friday 27 April 2018

Magnets - Ch 19

Thursday 26 April 2018

Unit 5 test

Wed. 25 April 2018

Unit 5 - Calculations round-up -

Hope to do at least one more of each type of calculation (speed, avg. speed, acceleration, work, power, force, mechanical advantage, % Efficiency, for practice (crossing the T s and dotting the I s).


Study highlighted areas in text, look over practice problems starting on 9 April. Review handouts

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Following up with Simple Machines - How to calculate the Mechanical Advantage (MA) of a machine & the % Efficiency.

Calculating Work & Power -


Identifying Simple Machines - handout - Get your parent's input

Mon. 23 April 2018

Warm- Up - Newton's Laws - handout - using Ch 10 - students should be able to identify the scenario given as one of Newton's 3 Laws - Given forces problems to practice on the back of the handout

Today's topic - Simple Machines (SM)- How they make work easier, but do not make less work. Video clips showing demonstrations of each simple machine at work, showing how work is made less using each machine. {Yes, the students had this topic in 4th grade, but a review was in order.}

Students were given a graphic organizer of the 6 S.M., their definitions and how they make work easier


Test Unit 5 Thurs.

Students were given progress reports so they could make up work they may have missed completing.

Students who did not finish the Newton's Laws - handout were allowed to finish for HW

Which of Newton's Laws.pdf
Efficiency Prac Prob blank.pptx
simple machine identification.pdf
Mech Adv.pdf
Simple Machine blank.pdf

Friday 20 April 2018

Practice with an assortment of Ch 10 concepts

--Newton's Laws

--Forces & Momentum problems


Get caught up on any overdue work

Extra credit - Earth Day Poster - theme "Plastic Pollution" - 11 x 17 poster due by 27 April

Three Laws of Motion.pdf
Which Law is it.pdf

Thursday 19 April 2018

Picture Day for after school clubs

Swing Time Lab


Complete Lab report, if you didn't complete it during class

Wed. 18 April 2018

Ch 9 quiz

Ch 10 finish walk through


Handout - Floating Eggs - Scientific Investigation Practice

Tues. 17 April 2018

Review Q & A End of Chapter questions Ch 9

Started Ch 10 walk through - vocabulary and important terms


Study for quiz Ch 9

Monday 16 April 2018

Practice Problems Acceleration - see problems below

Distributed Ch 9 p 319 -> 339


Study for quiz Wed. 4-18

formulas, vocabulary

Thurs. 12 April 2018 Friday

Students will turn in avg. speed practice problems Drawing & analyzing Motion Line graphs p 338, 339, 342

Discussion of concepts: velocity & constant speed Intro to acceleration


Learn avg. speed formula with units

Wed. 11 April 2018

Classes will finish speed practice problems and then we will move on in the text to the next topics average& constant speeds and velocity.

Students will turn in the speed practice problems for grading. (See problems below)

Students will attempt average speed problems to practice. (See problems below)


Students will learn the formulas for speed and average speed, including the units.

Acceleration Prac Prob 4 absentees.pptx
Average speed prac prob absentees.pptx

Spd Prac Prob 4 absentees.pptx

Tuesday 10 April 2018

Ch 9 Motion - 1st chapter in physics Students were given an opportunity to edit/correct their lab reports

Highlighted important facts and formulas prior to turning them in for grading, as I went over some areas where

Modeled how the formulas are to be used: many students do lose points.

1. write the formula

2. Substitute the numbers from the word problem into the formula (include units)

3. Solve - give the numerical answer and the proper units

Monday 9 April 2018

Computer Lab - Sled Energy Lab -Report to be finished in class tomorrow

We are going to go through the lab report looking for those points that we previously

discussed were holding the grades down. Let's determine if a better quality product can be turned in for grading.

Pet Pie Graph.pdf

Wed. 28 March 2018

Review for Semester Exam

All material from 29 Jan - today

Thursday 29 March

Semester Exam

Friday 30 March

Review for SOL

Google classroom has

multiple tasks to accomplish

Friday 23 March

Continue from yesterday Thermal Energy assorted assignments - finish up

Pearson - workbook pages 460-461 class work and reviewed answers with the class - concept - Transfer of heat

  • Went over Unit 3 test questions

Monday 26 March 2018


Finished Ch 13 concepts

Specific Heat, Conductors & Insulators

& Thermal Expansion

Ch 12 terms - highlight and create vocab.

format (Qty 11 terms)

Word - definition - illustration

Tuesday 27 March 2018

-Completed Ch 12 terms

-- Word - definition - illustration

- Reviewed Energy concepts Q & A in groups

  • tomorrow we will check answers

HW - handout

Energy conversion diagrams

-- use ch 12 page 439 specifically

--- look for items you use around the house - label the type of energy conversion you are using in your drawing. ALSO label the item you are drawing if you think I won't know what it is.

See below

Energy Conversion diagrams.pdf

Tues. 20 March Wed. 21 March Thurs. 22 March - assorted Thermal energy assignments

Unit 3 test Lab Reports - how to - Review 3 temperature scale by diagramming them

HW write a better one - Review the Changes of States of Matter by graphing & labeling

work on project Intro to Ch 13 vocab. the graph

Teacher modeled the 3 forms of heat transfer - Comparison of Temperature - Heat & Thermal Energy

1. Conduction, 2. Convection & 3. Radiation - Continue diagram analysis of C - C - R p 460

Practice identifying the heat transfer methods (C,C,R) - collected projects

p 460 diagram to analyze started HW

REMINDER due 22 March HW Pie Graph - label pie sections with - name of pet and percentage of that pet sold &

If you need paper for your Put those finishing touches Color, please

project see Ms. Bell on your project; it's due tomorrow


Mon. 19 March 2018

Students spent time finishing Friday's work

Mods 1 & 2 turned in their work


Tomorrow is the Unit 3 Chemistry test

Study pages 161-191, handouts, mod 3 review isotopes p 167

Element Poster Project Due Date.docx
PT Practice.pdf
Bohr Atom to Identify.pdf
Atom Counting Plus.docx

Monday 12 March 2018 Tues. 13 March 2018 Wed. 14 March Thurs. 15 March

Intro to Ionic - Covalent bonds - how to identify More Practice with P.T. groups Go Over P.T. HW ILA SOL in a.m.

Review from previous weeks Will be given cpds. to determine Ionic or -- turn in afterwards Will see mod 3 only Graphic organizer

Give me 10 about a randomly selected element Covalent bonds -- more practice Quiz Metals-non-metals-metalloids

mods 1 & 2 Which atom is Which - had to Will be given a reaction to label If time permits, more -make up Tues. night's HW identify the : element, its family, the period Balancing Equations - model thought process balancing equations

where it is found, + the # of valence electrons HW HW

Labelled a reaction Blank Periodic Table - color metals brown, Unit test next Tues.

HW non-metals green and metalloids orange ILA SOL tomorrow

Reminder - qz Wed. 3/14 List metalloids on the side or back Mod 1 & 2 received progress reports

Project rubric distributed -due 22 March Reminder - qz Wed. 3/14

Wed. 7 March 2018

Because of the ILA SOL Thursday 8 March 2018 Friday 9 March 2018

Only mod 3 science will meet in class Quiz Wed. 14 March

Counting atoms

  • Labeling a chemical equation 1. Family Quest H/O

Periodic Table review Starch test Lab

  • Family Quest 2. Counting atoms in a cpd Lab report due

3. Labeling a chemical equation

turn in 1,2, & 3

HW HW - lab report, if not completed in class

Thurs. 3-8 Don't forget to save box tops finish for HW

is Student Led Conference Night Know the families of the Periodic Table Class room needs tissues

Family Quest.docx

Thursday 1 March 2018 Friday 2 Mar. 2018 Mon. 5 March 2018 Tuesday 6 March 2018

Mod 1 & 2 Periodic Table intro Periodic Table - metals, Review of Periodic Table Go Over HW - turn it in

Mod 3 - Atomic structure non-metals, metalloids Chemical Equations - how Arrangement of valence electrons

calculating subatomic particles Know where they are located they are put together by family

HW on the Periodic Table Vocab. - electron configuration P.T. activity

Know the names & symbols of the Label the names of families valence electron

first 10 atomic numbers on your Periodic table, # the Video - The P.T.

groups & rows


Know the location of the H/O Inside the Atom Know the properties of

metals, non-metals, metalloids metals p 177/178, non-metals p 185/ 186, metalloids p 217, Qz. Thurs. 3/8

Second Semester - Physical Science Spring 2018

Tuesday 27 Feb. 2018 Wed. 28 Feb. 2018

Unit 2 exam Unit 3 Chemistry

turn in overdue work How to figure out how many protons, electrons & neutrons

to draw on the Bohr model of an atom, & their locations

on the atom


know the atomic structure of the atom

students took home letters inviting parents to Student led conference

night 8 March, select a time between from 4 - 6 pm

Monday 29 Jan. 2018 -

CW = Class rules & procedures

DVD Safety - create list of 10 safety rules from the DVD (turn - in)

  • Gave out test books - place your name on the top and the side bottom binding with marker

HW - Get safety form signed, get Class rules & procedures signed

Safety quiz Wed. 31 Jan

Tuesday 30 Jan. 2018

Turn in safety contract & rules


Safety Illustration worsheet (WS)- interpret for safety discrepancies - identify safety rule violations by picture number on the back of the worksheet - clue at least 15 can be found

  • Go over the answers & turn in the WS

HW - Get safety contracts signed

Wed. 31 Jan. 2018

safety quiz

Notes on Scientific Investigation

Thurs. 1 Feb. 2018

ILA Benchmark test in the morning

30 min. classes - Text -pg. 58 - Mean. median, mode, range, Metric Measurements (review) pg. 47 length, p 48 Mass, p 49 volume

Friday 2 Feb. 2018 - Richmond field trip

Penguin Plight article and vocabulary, Cartoon expressing the predicament of the penguins in 6 frames

Tues. 6 Feb. 2018

Measurement practice - converting from one metric unit to another

Read names of those for whom I have safety contracts - the others please turn them in - It's been over a week.


reminder - unit test is next week 14 Feb.

Wed. 7 Feb. 2018

lab equipment identification

study guide handout - place in lab section of your binder


Bring in - safety contracts if you have not turned it in

- dividers for the binder (4)

reminder - unit test is next week 14 Feb.

Lab Equipment reference sheet.pdf
Lab Equipment H-O.pdf

Thurs. 8 Feb. 2018


How to set up dividers Handout (H/O) - lab equipment identification

Basic Density Practice problems Unit 1 test date changed until Wed. 14 Feb.

Basic Density - application activity

Fri. 9 Feb. 2018


-Went over homework H/O Lab Equipment, turn in for grading

-How to calculate the volume of a solid & find its density practice problems

Application activity

Density of Solids using Volume (L x W x H)

-- turn in for grading.

HW - review notes for scientific method/investigation for lab Monday

- Students without safety contracts will not be able to participate in lab.

Monday 12 Feb. 2018

  • Review of Variables
  • How to set up a lab report
  • Spaghetti lab - turn in lab report at the end of class


Study Guide Graph Summary sheet & Scatter plot graph (to interpret)

Graph Scatterplots # 35 Big Hair Big Feet.pdf
Graph Summary sheet.pdf

Tuesday 13 Feb. 2018 Wed. -14 Feb. 2018 - Unit 1 test

Went over HW H/O Scatter plot graphs

-- turn in for grading

Review for exam

Density, mass, volume - how to calculate each

Weight (Kg) is a force (Newtons (N), Qualitative-Quantitative

Temp. Celsius-Kelvin ( 273/373 K) freezing/boiling

Scientific Notation, Scientific Investigation


Study for Unit 1 test tomorrow

Thurs. 15 Feb. 2018 Friday 16 Feb. 2018

Unit 2 Matter Elements, Compounds and mixtures (ECM)

Physical - Chemical properties and changes - What are they? How do I distinguish among them?

Handout completed Physical - Chemical changes -- In groups identified visual representations of ECM

Practice recognizing elements - from a crossword puzzle using the Periodic Table

NOTE: The end of the first Marking Period(MP) is fast approaching. Make sure you get in any assignments you owe as soon as possible. I am closing out grades 27 Feb.

Two Ways to Change.pdf

Monday 19 Feb.2018

Overview of what we have studied in matter so far Tuesday 20 Feb. 2018

Finish Simply Symbols - element recognition- turn it in Go over HW - Handout - E-C-M identification from visual representations Work book - pgs. 17 & 18 Particles of Matter - states of matter

The Particles of Matter =

States of matter - Solids - Liquids - Gases

    • defined scientifically -- movement of molecules described Introduction to atoms & atomic structure, compounds, & formulas
  • States of Matter Graph interpretation - know the graph by heart

(Phase change graph)


Quiz Wed. 2-21 HW

Handout - ECM identification from visual representations Review highlighted material in text, handouts for quiz tomorrow

Wed. 21 Feb. 2018 Thurs. 22 Feb. 2018

Quiz - Matter as of Mon. 2 -19 Solutions -Acids-Bases-Neutral - pH of solutions - neutralization & solubility

Work book - pgs. 17 & 18 Particles of Matter - states of matter finish Lab prep - safety concerns & precautions

The history of the atomic structure The history of the atomic structure completion mods 1 & 2

  • complete the handout and add the diagrams of the atomic structure discoveries Work book - pgs. 17 & 18 Particles of Matter - states of matter finish mod 3
  • REMINDER - 1st marking period grades close out 27 Feb. HW - Know the designations of the pH scale
  • All students have received progress reports. Make up missing work.

Friday 23 Feb. 2018

pH lab - turn in lab report

Use time after lab to finish the History of Atomic structure


Test Tues 2- 27 - All of Matter

REMINDER - End of Marking Period is 27 Feb.

1st report card grade from science

Monday 26 Feb. 2018

Review of Matter for Unit 2 exam tomorrow

END of Ist Semester work (below)

Tuesday 16 Jan. 2018

Go Over HW H/O

  • Waves
  • Interactions of Waves
  • turn in


Wave Diagrams

Notes - Finish Sound notes - applications of Sound

Electromagnetic Spectrum (notes & applications)

  • Voc. review from green booklet


H/O The Nature of Sound Waves

Wed. 19 Jan. 2018

Students were given :

1) a summary of notes for Waves unit 7 (3 pgs) to study for today's snow day. (16 Jan.)

2) They also have a booklet of study items that reviews all topics from Sept. - Jan. to study (12 Jan.)

3) Also, they were given a green covered booklet with vocabulary to help review for the SOL. (2 Jan.)

Friday 19 Jan. 2018

Go Over Sound HW H/O

(If students have turned in all 3 wave HW H/O they will get a bonus CW grade)

Movement of molecules review & Demo

Light - Particle Wave Theory - Demo

Review Mnemonics taught to remember in order:

  • planets (My very excellent mother just served us nachos)
  • Classification systems (Do kids prefer candy over fresh green salads) - in order from least specific to most specific

Punnett Square review


Wave Unit summary ques. H/O (see H/O below)

Mon. 22 Jan. 2018

Go over Wave HW H/O & turn in for cw credit

Biome Review

  • graphic organizer to complete
  • simple machine identification

SOL review questions will occur in ILA today & tomorrow - testing strategies reviewed


SOL re-take letters go home, please have parents sign the form so that students are able to re-take the science SOL in the event they miss the pass rate by 25 points or less)

SOL new test date 25 Jan.

Mods 1 & 3 in Kiva 8

Mod 2 in room 441 (Library)

Tues. 23 Jan. 2018

Unit 7 questions

Wave summary


Study from the white booklet

Wed. 24 Jan.

TEI type questions


ensure you are rested & have breakfast before the test

Biome review.pdf
Nature of Sound.pdf
Wave Unit ( summary questions).docx

Monday 8 Jan. 2018

Snow Day


Learn pages 5 & 6 of

the SOL Review voc

Happy snow day

Tues. 9 Jan. 2018

Snow Day

Know the names of the parts to the longitudinal & transverse waves in order to label a diagram

Wed. 10 Jan. 2018

Snow Day


Study SOL voc review pgs 7 & 8

Thurs. 11 Jan.

Wave Ch 14 review

label diagram

Sound Notes - - sound as a wave, not musical


Wave Diagram qz Fri.


Handout (H/O) Waves review & Properties of Waves

reinforce (R & R)

Friday 12 Jan 2018


Turn in HW - H/O Waves & their properties

Computer Lab - strategies for 2018 test questions in practice


Wave Interactions H/O (mod 1 got this H/O on Thurs., they had the 2 handouts together.)

Study Guide 8th grade curriculum - distributed to all but those in Mrs. Mackie's room - They will get their's on Tues.

SCIENCE SOL 23 Jan. test day

What are Waves.pdf
Interactions of Waves.pdf
Properties of a Wave.pdf
Interactions of Waves R&R.pdf
Properties of Waves.pdf
SOL Review vocab.pdf

2 Jan. 2018

Ch 14

Parts of a Wave

  • transverse
  • longitudinal

Wave vocabulary

p 475


Be able to label the parts of a wave

QUIZ Thurs. 4 Jan.

Wed. 3 Jan 2018

SOL review ques. warm up

Wave concept map



Study for Quiz on Transverse & Longitudinal waves

Stud - highlighted material in Ch 14

Thurs. 4 Jan. 2018


Quiz Wave diagrams

delayed until next week

Chap 15 Sound notes

Snow Day


Study SOL Review Voc 1st two pages

Friday 5 Jan. 2018

Snow Day


Learn pages 3 & 4 of the SOL Review voc

Mon. 18 Dec.

Unit 6 test

Magnetism & Electricity


Check student vue

turn in overdue work

Tues. 19 Dec.

Practice SOL test questions

Wed. 20 Dec. (half day)

Go over test answers from SOL practice test

SOL Review vocab.pdf

Monday 11 Dec. 2017

Electricity - understanding


Law of Conservation of charge activity


Study Ch 19 electricity vocab.

sections 1 & 2

Tuesday 12 Dec. 2017

Checking for Understanding - circuits

Analyzing circuits - H/O Electric Circuits

Create a series & parallel circuit


Know the difference & similarities of a parallel & series circuit

Wed. 13 Dec.

Circuit Math - practice calculations - write formula, insert numbers given, find the solution with units

Venn Diagram circuits - series vs. parallel


H/O - Electric Circuits review

(see handout below)

Thurs. 14 Dec

-Go over HW turn it in

Friday 15 Dec.

SOL review

7th gr. Life Science

6th gr. Atmosphere

Ch 18 Law of Conservation of Charge.pptx

Monday 4 Dec.

Students were given an opportunity to finish work not completed on Friday 12/1, if not finished today finish for HW

{See Periodic Table Xword Puzzle below}

Mod 3 Highlight/outline chapter 19


Finish CW

Tuesday 5 Dec.

Mod 1 - Highlight/outline chapter 19

Activity "Interview Me" to complete a Note Taking Guide

mod 2 Highlight/outline chapter 19 & Activity "Interview Me" to complete a Note Taking Guide

Mod 3 - Ch 19 activity "Interview me"

{See handout below}


ALL - Do the math p 665

Mod 2 - Quiz prep for Thurs.

Wed. 6 Dec.

Activity Magnetic Domains - application of Magnetism terms - graded by illustration

Construction of Electromagnets

Mod 2 - (EOC) End of Ch 19 ques. p 677-678

# 1-12 + 14 -18

HW - mod 2 quiz Thurs.

start quiz prep mods 1 & 3 for quiz Friday

Thursday 7 Dec. 2017

Mod 1 - (EOC) End of Ch 19 ques. p 677-678, # 1-12 + 14 -18

Mod 2 - Quiz

Ch 18 Electricity is next

Mod 3 - (EOC) End of Ch 19 ques. p 677-678,

Discussed intention to test Ch 19 before the holiday.


Quiz prep mods 1 & 3

TEAM GOAL - raise test & quiz scores by 10 points

Friday 8 Dec.

Mods 1 & 3 Quiz

All classes stated to highlight vocab. Ch 18 Electricity

Periodic Table Crossword Puzzle.pdf
Magnetism Guided Notes.pdf

Tuesday 28 Nov. 2017

Mod 1 Power Problems

Graph analysis

Review Mech Advantage

Mod 2


Mod 3

Power Problems

Graph analysis

Review Mech Advantage

Wed. 29 Nov. 2017

Mod 1 & 3

Unit 5 test Motion

Mod 2

Magnetic Domain & Electromagnet activity


Turn in overdue work

Thursday, 30 Nov. 2017

Ch 19 Magnets

Vocabulary p 645 define

  • Cornell format
  • skip lines between definitions

Flashback Friday

1 Dec. 2017

Periodic Table Xword Puzzle

Forces vocabulary unscramble & matching

Energy article

Work and Power Practice Problems.docx

Monday 20 Nov. 2017

Practice with Power & Work formulas

Ch 11 Simple Machines


mod 1 - study notes highlighted today

mod 2 - study for test

mod 3 - Complete Ch 10 end of chapter questions p 379 & 380 # 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11, 12, 13, 17, 18, & 19 (These were started on Friday, but not finished by all.

Tuesday 21 Nov. 2017

Mod 1

Swing Lab

Mod 2


Mod 3

Simple machine Fold-able


Have a good holiday!

Monday, 13 Nov.

Ch 10 Forces

Newton's Laws

Practice identifying

Newton's laws given

a scenario identify 1st, 2nd, or 3rd law


Quiz Thursday or Friday

Tuesday, 14 Nov.

Speed Lab

Lab report due no later than tomorrow


Complete lab report

Wed., 15 Nov.

Is the force with you?

Practice with test type questions

Ch 10 sect. 4 & 5 (not incl. on quiz tomorrow)


Ch. 9 pgs. 341 & 342

# 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10, 11 & 12

Quiz tomorrow will not include Ch 10 sect. 4 & 5

Thursday, 16 Nov.

Go Over HW Ch. 9

Quick Quiz

Ch 11 Work & Power


Learn the for work & power

Friday, 17 Nov.

Ch 11 continued

Monday 6 Nov. 2017

Science Semester Exam

last grade of the marking period


Student Led Conference form

can still be turned in for a

conference Thurs.


No students

Teacher work day

Don't forget to vote.

Wed. 8 Nov. 2017


Aliens Life forms in the new Environment

test Aliens for population sensitivity to environmental factors

  • practice writing analyses
  • turn in work



(Many may be taking make-up exams)

Thurs. 9 Nov. 2017

Motion Ch. 9

Learn terms associated with speed

Calculate speed

practice using the formula


Ch 9 Know motion vocabulary & speed formulas

Friday 10 Nov. 2017

Warm Up 5 Speed problems & graphs p 338 & 339

Read & Highlight

Forces in Motion Ch 10

-adding & subtracting forces

  • Balanced & unbalanced forces, net forces
  • Newton's Laws


Ch 9 Know acceleration definition(s) & formula

Monday 30 Oct. 2017


Review for Unit test tomorrow

Energy & Thermal Energy

Energy conversion diagram assignment - started in class to be finished at home. It will be a quiz grade


Study for Unit test tomorrow

Letters distributed for Student Led Conferences Nov. 9th, please sign up for a time that evening and have your child return the letter to his/her homeroom teacher.

Tuesday 31 Oct. 2017


Unit 4 test - Energy


Review Unit 2 Matter for semester exam

Wed. 1 Nov. 2017


Review for semester exam,

today, Th. & Fri.

(Elements, Cpds. , mixtures, Atoms, Periodic table , States of matter & phase change graph, energy conversions & types of energy)

*Students now have done the Pumpkin review - they have a study guide of topics & test problem areas.


H/O - scatter plot graph & questions, and a chemistry page - fill in the blanks

*Please return Student-Led conference forms to the home room teacher of your child. Thanks

NOTE: I will see science classes for 25 min. sessions Thurs. & Friday due to Math/ILA testing.

We will make the most of that time allotted.

Thurs. / Friday

Review for Semester exam

(25 min. classes due to ILA & Math Qtrly. tests)


-Go over HW, turn it in


Ionic & CovalentPhase change graph - let's get it right


Which Atom is Which?


Friday 3 Nov.

Go over HW and each class went over their weak areas

Mod 1 Energy Conversion diagrams

(quiz grade)

Mod 2 & 3

Phys-Chem changes

Elements Cpds. Mixtures

6 Nov. ends the 2nd marking period in science. The two grades will be averaged, by the Synergy program, for a semester grade.

Monday 23 Oct. 2017

Start Unit 4 - Energy

Review terms Potential

& Kinetic Energy

Law of Conservation O f Energy



(Don't forget to add the 5 science voc. words)

Tuesday 24 Oct. 2017

PE vs. KE Lab

Lab Report due


The Gold Dust Kid - handout

{If lab report was not completed in class it is to be finished for HW}

Semester Exam changed to 6 Nov.

Wednesday 25 Oct. 2017

Thermal Energy

Conduction, Convection & Radiation

Transfer of energy


Study vocabulary

Ch. 12 (located in CW section of their binders)

Thursday 26 Oct. 2017

Chemical Obs. Energy

Lab Report due

mod 2 only

Mod 3

End of Chapter questions, 1,3,5,6,8,9,10,

11,12, &13

NOTE: Ch 13 distributed


Unit test 4 - Tues. 31 Oct.

(If techno glitch 1 Nov.)

Friday 27 Oct. 2017

Ch 13 continued

Monday 16 Oct. 2017


Atom --> Ion

Synthesis reactions

salt formations


reactants, products,

Coefficients, subscripts


H/O Bohr Atoms

Tuesday 17 Oct. 2017

Ionic = Covalent Bonding

Diatomic molecules

Isotopes revisited


Atom Count H/O


  • Semester Exam is 3 Nov.

Early Projects get extra credit

Wed. 18 Oct. 2017



Physical & Chemical changes & Properties


Periodic Table

Chemical Equations

Ions & Isotopes

Law of Conservation of Mass

Thurs. 19 Oct. 2017


Unit 3 test


Finish Project due tomorrow

NOTE: Last day Ms. Bell is staying for students to finish Power Point Science Project

Presentations are tomorrow

Friday 20 Oct. 2017

Science Project Presentations

{As students were presenting, anyone who owed late work was allowed to work on it during class and turn it in for late credit.}


None, unless you are working on a late Science project.

Copy of Pjt H-O format ppt.pptx

Mon. 9 Oct. 2017


Warm Up Atom

Changing Atoms to Ions

Periodic Table arrangement


H/O Inside the Atom

Copy of Pjt H-O format ppt.pptx
On the Inside.pdf
Atom Check Up.pptx

Tues. 10 Oct. 2017


What do I know from a square on the Periodic Table (PT)?

Go over HW and turn it in

The PT can be divided into Metals, Mettaloids & Non-metals

Families of the P.T. - facts to know

  • HW
  • Do I know the properties of metals & non-metals

Wed. 11 Oct. 2017


Complete notes on the P.T.

Explanation of water as a polar molecule and why it is the universal solvent.


Know the names and locations of the

families/groups on the P.T.

Thurs. 12 Oct. 2017


Periodic Table scavenger hunt "Who Am I?" (Check for understanding) see below

Sum it up quiz/test questions


Prepare for quiz on atom and P.T. questions

See Who AM I handout below

Friday 13 Oct. 2017

Half Day

Atom/Periodic Table quiz

Brain Pop reinforce cpds., mixtures, families of the P.T.


Start completing science projects

If you lost your handout, print it out from 9Oct. . I added it just in case.

NOTE: Public Libraries have the program on which the students need to type, Power Point

Bohr Atom to Identify.pdf
Atom Count Practice.pdf

Mon. 2 Oct. 2017


Review for test


Atom its components & their charges, scientists who made atom discoveries

States of Matter & changes of thermal energy graph

Solutions - acids/bases

Go over list of clue words for phys-chem changes


study for test tomorrow

Tues. 3 Oct. , 2017


Unit 2 test


Read Newsela article & take the quiz, & list 5 (min.) voc. words the article reminded you of from 6,7 or 8th gr. science

Reminder Ms. Bell is staying Tu. & Th. for science project typing and questions.

You may split the time between her and another teacher/activity if you don't need the entire hour.

Bring a permission note to stay & state how you intend to get home.

Wed. 4 Oct. 2017


Periodic Table

What's in the square? Elements

components of element's atoms

  • Activity - protons & neutrons
  • Graph element vs. atomic number

How to draw the Bohr model of atoms

  • Placement of electrons on energy levels

Turn in Newsela - ans. to quiz ques. & list of recalled voc.


Continue science proj. work

Next Test 19 Oct.

Know subatomic parts of the atom

Thurs. 5 Oct. 2017


Warm Up atoms & Graph number of neutrons of 5 elements

Bohr models

  • practice electron placement on energy levels


Study notes and examples

H/O given how to set up the slides for the Power Point presentation

Friday 6 Oct. 2017


How much information can be obtained from one square on the Periodic Table?

-List all you can think of

Isotopes - just the gain or loss of neutrons

Ions - what forms when atoms gain or lose electrons

Intro to Periodic Table arrnangement


Continue working on your Science project

(Due in 2 weeks)

Scroll down to see the previous week's work.

Copy of Pjt H-O format ppt.pptx





H/O= handout

asgn. = assignment

COB= close of business=end of school day

Pjt.= project


5 Sept. 2017


- Housekeeping

Routines & Rules

Distribute forms


Get documents signed to be returned tomorrow,

especially the safety form


6 Sept. 2017


Collect signed forms

Safety in Science

  • application of safety rules & procedures
  • Lab Equipment H/O - & demonstration of equipment use.

see below


Safety quiz Thurs. 9/7/2017


7 Sept. 2017


ALL - safety quiz (Need 80 to pass)

Labeled binder dividers

mod 1 - finish lab equipment

mods 2 & 3 start scientific investigation notes


H/O Lab Equipment (identification - you will need both forms from today & yesterday to complete the HW handout)

see below (click to open handout)


8 Sept. 2017


Science diagnostic

Joined Newsela - articles to connect cw to current science today


Start to think about what you would like to do for your project

Have binder & supplies ready for class

Scroll Down for the next week's work.

Mon. 11 Sept. 2017


Finish - notes scientific investigation

Reminder - Unit 1 test 9/19/2017 -


Safety, Lab Equipment & Scientific Inv.

Tues. 12 Sept. 2017


Speghetti Lab

Complete lab report together (this first time in 8th grade (this form is used from 6 - 12 grades)

H/O -lab Rpt. form


Complete lab report (Rpt.) if not finished in class

Wed. 13 Sept. 2017


  • Go over lab

Library - sci. proj. research, complete Experimental Design form to submit proj. for approval


H/O -

Exp Design form.docx

Thurs. 14 Sept. 2017


Conversions p. 47 - 49 write in notes

  • Measuring matter

-Linear Vol.


  • Turn in Exp. Design form if it is finished


Know conversions in notes

Complete Exp. Design

Fri. 15 Sept. 2017


Warm Up Sci. Investigation

-Scientific notation

H/O -


Know the formulas for Density & Linear volume

Study Sci. Inv. test Tues. 9/19



18 Sept. '17


Review for test tomorrow


Study notes given from the 2nd day of school


19 Sept. 2017


Unit 1 Test

Newsela article - Read "Atoms" & take the quiz after the test


Experimental Design

form due tomorrow


20 Sept. '17



Elements, compounds (cpd.) & mixtures, .

H/O Simply Symbols -getting familiar with the Elements on the Periodic Tale (PT)

HW - Learn the 1st ten atomic numbers names & symbols

Finish CW, if not finished in class

Thurs. 21 Sept. 2017


Go over Simply Symbols H/O & turn in

Mixtures - 2 types, do p 100 bottom

Compare the terms homogeneous & heterogenous as it descibes matter & gene pairs

Physical - Chemical changes


Quiz - next Wed.

  • Continue learning the names & symbols of the 1st ten atomic numbers

Friday 22 Sept. 2017


Warm up - Phys - Chem changes

& Mixtures

  • History of the Atom Model H/O

  • Law of Conservation of Mass p 113

-- Turn in any Exp. Designs not turned in & checked by me

  • Progress reports distributed
  • Homeroom Back to School night flyers distributed


Begin your science project -- start collecting data!

Next Test 3 Oct. Matter

  • Blackboard message sent
Atoms, History.pdf
Two Ways to Change.pdf


Mon. 25 Sept. 2017


States of Matter & how thermal energy can cause a change of state (Phase Change graph)

Quiz Tues. so we can do lab Wed.


H/O Two ways to Change

(Practice identifying P-C changes)

Tues. 26 Sept. 2017


Go Over HW H/O turn in

Quiz - Matter


  • Notes acids & bases


Learn atomic numbers 11 - 20 on the Periodic Table, name & symbol

Wed. 27 . 2017


Graphing Intro (for science project) Excel

Acids & Bases Lab


Complete lab report ,if not finished in class

Thurs. 28 Sept. 2017


Mrs. Rowe assist in signing students up for Gizmo.

Practice graphing on Excel


Know terms that describe solutions & the pH scale

Friday 29 Sept. 2017


The week in Review

  • Linear volume activity
  • Review Matters ws
  • WB p 71 & 72 solutions


REMINDER test Tues. 3 Oct.

Continue to work on your science project

  • collect data
  • start typing the experimental design portion of the project
Two Ways to Change.pdf


Matter ws.docx

Mon. 9 Oct. 2017


Atom Warm Up

Changing Atoms to Ions

Arrangement of PT


Inside the Atom

Tues. 10 Oct. , 2017


  • What do I know from the information square on the Periodic Table (P.T.)?

The P.T. is divided into Metals, Mettaloids & Non-metals

  • Can I identify these regions on the P.T.?
  • Do I know the properties of Metals & Non-metals?


Wed. 11, 2017


NOTE: Some of the 8th grade students will be out from class taking the PSAT exam.

Thurs. 12 Oct. 2017



Friday 13 Oct. 2017

1/2 dayCW


Pjt H-O format ppt.pptx

Mon. 2 Oct. 2017


Review for test


Atom its components & their charges, scientists who made atom discoveries

States of Matter & changes of thermal energy graph

Solutions - acids/bases

Go over list of clue words for phys-chem changes


study for test tomorrow

Tues. 3 Oct. , 2017


Unit 2 test


Read Newsela article & take the quiz, & list 5 (min.) voc. words the article reminded you of from 6,7 or 8th gr. science

Reminder Ms. Bell is staying Tu. & Th. for science project typing and questions.

You may split the time between her and another teacher/activity if you don't need the entire hour.

Bring a permission note to stay & state how you intend to get home.

Wed. 4 Oct. 2017


Periodic Table

What's in the square? Elements

components of element's atoms

  • Activity - protons & neutrons
  • Graph element vs. atomic number

How to draw the Bohr model of atoms

  • Placement of electrons on energy levels

Turn in Newsela - ans. to quiz ques. & list of recalled voc.


Continue science proj. work

Next Test 19 Oct.

Know subatomic parts of the atom

Thurs. 5 Oct. 2017


Warm Up atoms & Graph number of neutrons of 5 elements

Bohr models

  • practice electron placement on energy levels


Study notes and examples

H/O given how to set up the slides for the Power Point presentation

Friday 6 Oct. 2017


How much information can be obtained from one square on the Periodic Table?

-List all you can think of

Isotopes - just the gain or loss of neutrons

Ions - what forms when atoms gain or lose electrons

Intro to Periodic Table arrnangement


Continue working on your Science project

(Due in 2 weeks)


END of Ist Semester work (below)